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Ron Paul, Tea Party's Intellectual Father, Applies for the Biggest Job

Veteran Texas Congressman Ron Paul has taken the political half-step prior to a formal announcement of a run for the Republican presidential nomination in the US. Paul ran hard for the nomination in 2008, but this time he seems poised to harvest the political anger of the amorphous Tea Party his energies first helped to spawn a couple of years ago.
One can almost see Ron Paul, portrayed by Robert Redford or Sam Shepard, squinting towards the horizon and contemplating with horror and disdain the encroachments of those hated bankers on honest farmers and ranchers – except that Paul is a particularly media-savvy kind of guy as well. And he is politician who is very well-acquainted with the uses of the Internet and social media for building support and fund raising. Social media’s not just for lefties, after all.

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