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Liberty Bell with Wings - Ron Paul T-Shirts from CPAC

When I was at CPAC, people were selling shirts that said Ron Paul 2012, and had a liberty bell with wings.

Here's a picture I just took of one of mine:


I love the image, and was hoping that it would become a campaign logo. For some reason, I haven't seen it anywhere else. Does anybody know who created the image, and if it's free to use for other Ron Paul support purposes?

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I have one!

Too bad it shrunk after I washed it... Guess I just need to lose some weight now!

It is off of our Design

The wings and bell are from our Sweatshirt design that we had made for the rally in 2007.

That shirt isn't ours. And we currently don't plan on bringing back the bell with wings.

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Yeah, the design on the CPAC

Yeah, the design on the CPAC T-Shirt is clearly based off your bell with wings sweatshirt design. Though I think I prefer the monochrome interpretation used on the CPAC shirts.

Seeing as you're the one who came up with it first, do you mind if I use the image for other Ron Paul related graphics? I'm not really a designer anyway, but I'd like to play with getting it printed on a castro/cadet hat like this:


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A little Google work later...

I found a thread on Ron Paul Forums talking about intending to sell them at CPAC. I don't have an account over there yet, but once it's approved, I'll ask if he would mind spreading the image around a bit more.


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I really love that.

I haven't seen it before. Let us know if you find it. It's a very strong image.


that is neat. Here is a bump for others to see.

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