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Is It Too Early for Ron Paul campaign signs?

Honest question with two angles: Dr. Paul only formed an exploratory committee for the sake of the S.C. debate; clearly, he will make his announcement AFTER he reviews reactions from the debate. If 80% of the questions are fielded to Mitt and Chump (and 15% to Pawlenty), then he may decide the fix is already in and not declare.

That being in mind, is it too early to pull out the signs? I have already altered my stash of 2008 signs to read


I'd hate to have to withdraw them after two weeks.

The other consideration is my RTC. They're mostly older folks who're likely to be blind and vote for Mitt. That being the case, I've been thinking how to stack the odds in Dr. Paul's favour since relatively few younger folks have joined me at the RTC, and the two recent additions are highly militarized McCainiacs who'll pull the pin for Mitt.

Oy. So what's the strategy? Say, "damn the Mitts and McCains, full speed ahead" on promoting Dr. Paul? Or lie low, increase the probing for allies, and keep the signs indoors until the official campaign comes out after a presumably good reaction to the debate?

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Too early?

Never too early. Never too late. I have not removed the stickers from my car from '08. I do not think I could if I wanted to.

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I've had my sign in the

I've had my sign in the garage window since well before Dr. Paul dropped out of the 08 race. It's been there for years. I thought about putting a different sign up in the yard, but I also thought it was a little early.

I'm keeping my sign in the window though.

I say yes, it's largely too early.

Think about it this way: People like to discover things for themselves. Many are skeptical of what they percieve as orchestrated marketing ads.

I would like to see the grassroots spending these 2 months getting organized and trained in effective campaigning. Spend the time reaching out to Tea Party leaders and other activists to see who our allies are.

It's time right now to be contacting all of the Huckabee activist leaders and wooing them.

Check out http://iroots.org/
"If you’re into political activism, at least for Ron Paul if not for anyone else, I strongly recommend spending some time with iroots.org." - Tom Woods

Well, the people need to wake up either way.

We'll all be giving them a head start... And how cool would it be if some more recognized him at the first debate.

It's never too early for RP for President signs,

I think your premise is not an accurate reading of Dr. Paul:

"If 80% of the questions are fielded to Mitt and Chump (and 15% to Pawlenty), then he may decide the fix is already in and not declare."

The fix is most definitely in and we are against all odds but that has never stopped the revolution before and it will not be a factor (in my opinion) in Dr. Paul's decision to run or not.''

Full steam ahead.


My Ron Paul

sign is still up. I changed 08 to 12 put it up lighting it since october.
"RON PAUL" is more than a campaign sign it is a philosophy. For me to try and explain to people the problems of the country, how we got here, what went wrong, would be to big of a sign. Still I meet people in the 7/11 parking lot that say " who's Ron Paul" after they see my bumper sticker.
The easiest way to explain Liberty is "Google Ron Paul"
He's not just for elections anymore.

Is this you dude?


Awesome performance! You should post this as its own thread. It will make everyone smile for sure! Also, try to get it to Arlo Guthrie!