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Re: Another great interview with Jesse Ventura

I really hope Jesse Ventura hooks up with Ron Paul somehow. I love this guy, he calls it like it is without hesitation.

Enjoy the video


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Michael Savage was ranting yesterday...

...that "Obama is deliberately losing the war in Afghanistan(in liberal academic form) so American NEVER has to go to war again"...then he rambled "Obama is debasing the currency and delivering us to the New World Order" ...

Now, is this an ANNOUNCEMENT of our nation's imminent DEFAULT on our debts, and enrollment into "world government" via an IMF bailout?[we'll just pull an Iceland on their a** if they propose one!!!]

See, if we agree that Afghanistan brought about the financial collapse Soviet Union, then we agree we shouldn't even be in Afghanistan(babysitting poppy fields with NATO for international pharmaceutical companies!)

BUT, rather than take Ron Paul's point about undeclared and EXPENSIVE wars...these Neo-Con a**holes are going to remain pro-Israel and pro-war and say Obama f***ed up the war and that is WHY the United States collapsed financially.

Savage acts like an "independent"; but he is no dummy! He is a TOOL, and this tool also has a job to openly announce WHAT the NWO is going to do before they do it...that is the NWO "social Darwinist" moral code of conduct...

...and they are only getting away with it because the sheeple know NOTHING about the founders, entangling alliances, blowback, empires falling, fiat currency, central banking, biblical Christianity(the pure faith of our founders and there WARNINGS about ecclesiastical tyranny), and all the other topics we PATRIOTS on the Daily Paul are here to educate them about...

...well they didn't think about this internet thing when they laid there plans for their world government utopia...so as fast as these right-wing, Neo-Con, war-mongering, hate-filled, un-American masters of deception can open their mouths and spew their B.S. - little folks like me will COUNTER with my God-given understanding as to why they are WOLVES in sheep's clothing!!!

On with the REVOLUTION my friends!!!