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Equal Pay for Women Act Brings Battle of the Sexes to Life in Louisiana

Rep. Barbara Norton has reintroduced the “Equal Pay for Women Act,” which would give the state power to correct and eliminate discriminatory wage practices based on sex for comparable work.
The bill would grant employees, who believe they are underpaid because of their gender, the opportunity to petition for a wage increase. After the employee files a written complaint, the employer has 90 days to rectify the situation. After 90 days, the employee could initiate a civil lawsuit against the employer to recoup back wages and damages.
However, wage disparities alone do not prove discrimination, and a 2009 Department of Labor study concluded that differences in the compensation of men and women depended on “a multitude of factors… The raw wage gap should not be used as the basis to justify [government intervention].”

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who cares.. A company should

who cares.. A company should be able to pay any employee what they want. There should be no mandate from government to force a company or employer to pay a worker a certain wage the government sees fit.
You don't like the wage you are getting-move along.
Its simple as that. Government getting involved in these issues is exactly why we have the problems in our economy that we have.

Barbara Norton is not fit to to be a US Representative.

There is some truth to the

There is some truth to the statement that the wage gap between men and women will exist as long as the phrase: "save the women and children first" exists.

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