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Pentagon PR Stunt on Bradley Manning

"Instead of answers and accountability for the potential mistreatment of Pfc. Manning, the Department of Defense only offers fake transparency in the form of a guided tour of his new prison. Instead of responding to criticism from the United Nations Special Rapporteur on Torture, the Army will offer the media a scripted fantasy of Manning's brand new facility. With this stunt, it is clear that the Department of Defense and the Army are more concerned with public relations than the rights and security of Pfc. Manning."


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If you think of it, the whole prison system is corrupt

and all the prisoners are tortured to varying degrees. Most of us don't spend enough time there to really know. But take, for example, Peter Schiff's father, who spends most of his life cooped up in transit between prisons. People go on the fight for CHICKENS to have better conditions than that.

Of course, Manning's treatment deserves worldwide attention, but what's really disgusting is how human rights abuses have become so common overall.

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You are absolutely right. Considering the

horrible prison food & untreated tap water and no individual consideration of different body type needs in either diet, sleep, ambient temperature,extremely limited if any access to natural sunlight for vitamin D, control over any vitamin supplementation, only institutional medical intervention if any, sensory deprivation, intellectual and often social isolation, no honorable work (not the .15 cents per hour paid by those who slave to make weaponry and enrich the prison institutions and contractors), abuse by guards and other prisoners, deprivation of family support, prisoner anxiety for the family without support by the prisoner, limited exercise, transport and even hospitalization IN CHAINS as in Irwin Schiff's case, etc etc. This is socially-approved torture for revenge and obedience to authority only.
Many libertarians have the antidote: Mary Ruwart's book Healing our World, In an Age of Aggression is brilliant on this problem.

Marc Emery

Marc Emery has been moved to new prison in Mississippi, after having been refused a transfer back to Canada. His wife reports that his health has been deteriorating, due to conditions you described. Here's is the address for patriots who might wish to send their good wishes:

MARC EMERY #40252-086
P.O. BOX 5888

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for Marc Emery!