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How Ron Paul Wins in 2012: Step One: Doug Wead The Blog

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I hope the 12 campaign doesn't work as the 08 campaign. Wead is a great advisor to have on our side.

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

Great article!

After reading this check out his next article on the subject.

Doug Wead discusses what he calls"the next step" in the following article.
Ron Paul and Karl Rove don’t mix.

What Ron Paul needs to win...

is passage of some meaningful legislation. Passage of "Audit the Fed" or the American Traveler Dignity Act is worth as much as Iowa and New Hampshire put together, as long as Ron Paul places at least third in both of those races.

it's simple

He needs about 10,000 of us to go to our local GOP caucus.

Who will join me?

Does that mean becoming a delegate


caucus, state delegate, national delegates

Attending your county caucus (if you are in a caucus state) is THE WAY to make it happen. You go to caucus and vote for yourself or your friend to go to the state convention. Do likewise at the state convention to get to national.

If you don't attend caucus, the neo-cons will. You will need to be register R to attend the county caucus.


I'd like very much to help Dr. Paul win

I Like Doug Wead's Writing

How influential is he, really, with the public at large?

How Ron Paul will Win

Great article. The Iowa Straw poll is August 13, 2011. I'm curious what DPers think of this strategy.

I remember this one

Thanks for resurrecting, it, Sunny!

Doug Weed for Press Secretary? I hope this time around "they" hire professionals like Doug Wead in the early days of the campaign.

Phil. 4:13

Four years old, but still good advice.

I see he never got past step two though.