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Ron on CNBC

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Thanks Velveeta Underground.

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sometimes LL can suck & sometimes LL rocks!
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Follow up

John Malone (cable tv mogul) spent several minutes on squawk box today (8AM eastern hour) saying how he was listening to yesterdays interview and realized that he agreed with Dr. Paul. Kiernan, the host agreed, with some enthusiasm.

Could not pay for exposure like that

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That was great!! Thank you!

Gettin' that message out!


No one had that on youtube.

No one had that on youtube. Good find!


RP is getting better and better with this interviews. People no doubt listen more carefully but he also stays on message and doesn't let people cut him off. So great to see him more assertive!

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We must endeavor to economize.

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Let us make good use of Dr Ron Paul's message. We need more messengers.

Butchers, bakers & candlestick makers.

Any baker knows.... You roll it. You poll it.... Then you...

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waiting for rush to have him

hes practically been everywhere else this week

Rush has the rest of the week off

Might be a good chance Paul could be on.
And Rush does guests, he had Trump on recently and has been talking about him ever since.

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does rush do guests? i thought he doesn't have guests on.

well you kinda gotta call in.

well you kinda gotta call in. You call in and say your Donald Trump and can verify it. He is going to put you in the #1 spot.

Last year before the midterm elections Clint Didier had called in. (Rarely listen to Rush as it is, go figure its Clint). Anyways Clint eventually figured out who Clint Didier was and had a very interesting talk between the two.

So if Ron Paul wants to have his voice heard, he should just give Rush a call.

Hope you packed a lunch

it will be a long wait.

Rush cannot discuss Paul because he cannot win an argument with a libertarian. This is because Rush CLAIMS to love the Constitution, and a libertarian would point out all the areas in which Rush has "except fors". This would make him look disingenuous and a weak thinker. So he keeps the argument centered on left vs right, repubs vs democrats, liberals vs conservatives and stays far, far away from any INTELLIGENT argument with a libertarian.

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That's the Problem with All These Guys

They claim to support the Constitution when it's convenient to their interests, but somehow forget to when they want a handout.