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We owe it to ourselves.

Dear members.

This time we will make great strides in getting the message out to the American people during the Presidential race for 2012.

Every time a mention to people that we should not be the policemen of the world, they agree with me.

And this is the very thing that Dr. Paul preaches. I even met a guy who never knew about Ron, who said that he saw a guy named Ron Paul and he couldn't believe that a Republican would say such things, and that he would support Dr. Paul.

But you have to ask yourselves, what is the best way for us to communicate with each other about current events, and important topics.

Well, its obviously the DailyPaul!

I want to take this time to remind members of their pledges and to ask new members to pledge as well.

For on the day that Ron Paul announces his candidacy for 2012, then that day, we should ALL give $20.12 to the DailyPaul.

The DailyPaul is the pre-eminent site for Liberty.

And if things go as well as I think they will, the entire internet will be visiting, and looking to long time members for answers.

We carry the torch, lets make sure we got plenty of kerosene.

Please pledge to give $20.12 to the DailyPaul, on the day that Dr. Paul announces his candidacy.


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The biggest struggle for liberty happense locally. That is where we have the most influence. Join your Republican party, volunteer, join your local RP meetup. We will get to the point where delegate strategies are being laid out but for now, have fun and meet new people.