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Obama: a citizen of America, not a citizen of Reality


...how the hell do you embed videos on this?

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I'm the guy who commented: "You're a fool"

Because you're a fool. Wake up sheep-man.

You have to be a Mod or Mr. Nystrum to embed videos.

It is a feature to keep the boards safe.

I'm sure they will look at the video and add it if they think it is worthy. Ask nicely just in case.

As a measure of constructive criticism, this is more of a blog entry than a video. (this is one of my big pet peeves with YouTube commentary)

Simply flashing loosely relevant images associated with a topic while you read your diatribe does not constitute a video. Certainly not something I want to take the time to watch. I might read the whole thing though. I tried to watch it, but I lost interest within seconds when I saw how it was done. I don't want to be distracted with useless pictures while I try to listen to you.

The medium is the message.

Don't use a medium that doesn't convey one.

Otherwise - the message you do convey, won't be the one you intended.

Try instead, if you REALLY want to make a video, to use actual moving pictures set to music, or actual people acting out a scene or script.

Still images & commentary do not mix well for this medium.