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Download a free trial of adobe illustrator

Then go to www.whitehouse.gov and search for it--you know what I mean.
Then watch this: http://www.youtube.com/wa...
And try it for yourself.
Who the heck is the guy living at that big white house in DC??
b___er or not, you can't say this is normal. What the heck is the deal??
Off topic? Hardly. This is so big it puts every other thing you've heard about the issue to shame. Even the artist they hired wants you to know how wrong this is.

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the guy would have to get his message

out to a lot more tech-savvy people on the 'net to evaluate.

I wasn't a birther before

I always thought the birthers were crazy, or racists, or something.

But when something like this gets released, I am a convert.

Yes, I know there can be a lot of explanations. A powerful scanning program *might* have done many of these manipulations. It is possible.

But if that's the case, why could it not figure out the number "1"? It can figure out all of this complex information, but not the "1" in "1961" at the bottom?

And why is the background a watermark for? Why did they erase the actual birth certificate's background for, only to add a new background?

Even if these are manipulations caused by a really good scanning program... why did they release it then? Didn't they know it would cause controversy?

Why not just take a picture using a real digital camera then? It would have been a lot more convincing than this piece of crap.

The number "10641" is truly a dead giveaway. Why did the scanning program have so much trouble with the last 1? You can clearly tell the last "1" is part of separate document - it's aliased. The others are not. Are you telling me the scanning program correctly identified the first "1", which apparently has a ding in it, but could not identify the second "1", which is unblemished?

The background and the white glow around the text is beyond me. I don't know how a scan would have caused this. If this is part of the scanning program... there are other pen marks and numbers on the document... why were these not also picked up by the scanning program too? It apparently is good at scanning shapes too... not just words... why not get the other pen marks then? Why is the scanning program discriminating some markings from others for?

I looked back at old television pieces about the birther thing... like on Lou Dobbs or Hardball. Watching those with the "new perspective", I can tell you I saw it totally differently.

It was very common to "dismiss" the birther and say the whole argument was racist, or "silly". You know what - most rational people would agree with them, not knowing what we know now. I did.

But now... the birthers appear to be vindicated. It's also clear that the mass media, and the people defending obama (if that's his real name) are offering no evidence at all.

In fact, Matthews actually lied to his guest (I think his name was "libby") on the show. He told him that there was the long-form of the birth certificate on the screen. The guest said he couldn't see it (maybe his eyesight was bad). Nonetheless, the certificate on the screen WAS NOT the long form, which is what the guest wanted to see!

Unless Obama magically produces the real document that looks like it was an original in the next 24 hours, I think we can all be fairly certain this is a fake, and that obama is a fake.

I mean, the whole election was a shame. We already know he's a puppet - but he's this MADE UP guy! He's not even a real person. He may as well be a virtual reality simulation - as if it really matters anymore!

And this whole thing with Trump... I gotta wonder if this is just another way to "entertain" us, and give Trump the credibility to be the next puppet after Obama.

I was wrong

I found this. If what this guy is saying is true (in the first part of the video... not the second part), then the certificate might actually be real all along:


But this is plausible:

They took the actual certificate and photocopied it onto the patterned paper. On the photocopy, the Alvin dude then stamped a few things on the bottom of the photocopy and signed it - that's why these look lighter than the rest of the photocopy. This also explains why the background is blurry.

Then, he took the photocopy and scanned it - but not as an image - he scanned it using OCR. This would get rid of the aliasing and the colour problems as the computer is correcting the words.

So in a way, the above video is actually proves the case that the certificate is REAL and not a fake.

I am only interested in the truth. If this is legit, then it's legit - end of discussion. Let's move on.

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This works too and super small

Foxit Editor:


It shows all the layers just like the big boys.

Real eyes realize real lies

We want our country back

Every year is a year for Ron Paul!

Here's more proof


Though, this has been done by design to keep us fighting over this topic in order to distract from the big issues (devaluation of the dollar, foreign wars/invasions, rising prices of gas, groceries, commodities, the Federal Reserve printing money, etc...).

So be aware and cognizant of the facts, but don't get hung up over this topic!