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Did you want a personal Geiger Counter?

Well I have been hunting and hunting and found one! If you want one...here is the one to get. Rather than getting raped on Ebay for a $1000 from Russia...I found this site and they just got them in today. The Monitor 4. For $319 ...Just ordered...and I want to do some testing myself.
Also...some great info on this site...
and here...

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Take Action, how was your geiger counter?

Have you used it on food? I just heard a story from someone on zerohedge who said he tested apples and the area around the stem was "hot" - between 30 and 40. After it was washed it came back down to background levels.

Tepco revealed today that reactors 1, 2 and 3 ALL had meltdowns after the earthquake/tsunami. ( I'm sure you are aware of this.)

I would spend $319 on food, ammo, or gold/silver

Are we all really that afraid of Fukushima food fallout? I'm not. However, after reading about the ineptness and spent fuel ponds at those reactors, and seeing our own US spent fuel ponds, I ordered a scintillation probe for a MCA (gamma spectrometer) and will see about building a gas-proportional detector.

During a plauge or economic collapse, I suspect many competent reactor employees will bugout; will they leave the power on? Will the cooling fail? Will those precious heavy metals be left, or lifted? How far do you live from a reactor?

I think it only will cost me around $100 for an MCA that can identify isotopes, because I know electronics. A simply ion chamber could probably be built for $10, but its not keychain-sized. The keychain radalert will not detect alpha.

Anyways, I like playing with geek-toys. I've been a radiation worker and know a little bit about what I'm doing. But if you don't understand what types of radiation there are, put off by what types of potential threats there are, and what type of detector to use, I'd recommend finding out before blowing $300 for a box that will go tick-tick and make you more anxious rather than less.

Has anyone seen a brief primer/faq somewhere? Youtube video? Perphaps I should do one when I get my detector finished? I found this, IIRC referenced from an LRC article:


I did all of the research

and this is the one! I have everything else...I can't wait till it gets here! $319 is cheap.

I carry my NukeAlert everywhere I go.

It may not look as nifty as a Geiger counter but it will warn me the instant there's an uptick in gamma radiation because it's always "turned on" and it fits on my key chain:

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

what specific types of radiation do these detect?

iodine 131?
strontium 90?
cesium 137?
cesium 134?
plutonium)(although it is doubtful we will find any of that in the radiation coming from Japan...)

It seems that knowing how much of any of the above would be the most important thing to check for when doing scans.

(some meters just show nuclear radiation in general..vs specific types)

If you know please post, thanks!

No isotope identification

This type of meter will not do identification. Those types of meters are in the thousands of dollars each. I saw a sweet one that was $12K !

Geiger counters will give you an accurate "count" as in counts per second or minute. IMO, even the dose rate in seiverts or rads will be inaccurate because they are calibrated for a specific nuclide (or isotope), usually cesium 137, so if you're measuring some other radiation, this number will be off. But the count # is accurate.

I'm not trained or schooled in this field - this is just what I've gleaned in my internet research.

Here's a couple of good links:



thank you for that info!

Where did you find the one that was 12K? That is the one I want. I am sick to DEATH of the lying and purposeful manipulation (be it by not telling us the truth, or by manipulating the numbers) of both the government and the media.

If that meter you found will break apart all of the different types of radiation, then please show me where you found it.


Here's the Star Trek model


Point it at the radiation and it reports all that's there.
Download the data sheet on that page for some screen shots. This thing is the cat's ass!

Also, the PDS 100GN will do isotope ID for about 5K but apparently it has a smaller range of ID.

No, I don't work for this company, but found their sales staff helpful.

Thanks chopinwood

will check it out!

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Alpha, beta, gamma and neutrons...

are radiation types that radioisotopes and nuclear reactions emit. Unless the detectors tube has a thin, fragile "window", it probably won't detect alpha, because they don't penetrate much mass. But it is the worst type to ingest.

From what I gather, it will be difficult to monitor Fukushima fallout in food; you'd probably need some lead-brick shielding and several hours. Which means, although it sounds bad to have 100's of times the Iodine 131 levels it is a (relatively) trivial risk.

AFAIK a Geiger counter detects only gamma rays.

Plutonium is an alpha ray emitter. The meter measures ionizing radiation levels, not elements -- radionuclide or not.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

Do these Geiger Counters

Do these Geiger Counters detect the radiation that has been found in milk and rain and such... in a banana?

I don't think so.

Still I would like one.

be cautious when buying these

be cautious when buying these things that are "made in usa". from what i've heard, they are crap.


Kits are cheaper


That's an example, but i've seen lots of them for < $100 online. You just put it together and plug in battery (or use comp power supply)

Aint calibrated, but you'd notice a diference or a change if it got worse, etc.


I want to get one

but are these pre calibrated or do you have to calibrate them yourself?

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from what

I understand this one is ready to go.

I don't know anything about them

just one time when I was looking the ad said that theirs were calibrated so I figured that is something to look for. Let us know how yours is when you get it.

Prepare & Share the Message of Freedom through Positive-Peaceful-Activism.

I am looking forward to your

I am looking forward to your report from the supermarket.


When I am at the supermarket, if this starts going crazy I will youtube it. I am surprised nobody has done it yet. I will probably get arrested for causing a panic. As soon as I get it off to the supermarket I go.

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Here's a site for detection devices.

You can call and get more info on how to buy, prices, etc.
Disclaimer: I own stock in Universal Detection Technology

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