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SO Easy to Predict!

I've been wondering why the shift of Leon Panetta to DOD and in like kind, Petraeus to the CIA. Now I think I know. For presidential run 2012 Obama's going to draw down just enough troops from Iraq and Afghanistan to be able to declare "I ended these wars." Of course, Libya will remain a back page(if at all mentioned altogether) quagmire, and therefore stealing the thunder of the longstanding 'libertarian' argument that these fallacious 'wars must end'(See: Ron Paul 2012.) You've got to give it to our president; if anything he understands timing. Why wait until NOW to show the 'long form'? How has Trump spiked from CPAC lows of 2% to 'top of the heap'(or so claims our pal Rudi Guilliani and CNN polls) in the space of two months? I could have sworn I was in Denmark. Look, at the bottom of the day, considering the aptitude of the 'majority' in this country, without the wind of 'end the wars now' at our backs it's going to be a bumpy ride. I'm willing. Am I wrong?

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