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Chicks on the Right have a problem with Ron Paul

Hey Daily Paulistas,

“Chicks on the Right” have a big problem with Ron Paul. They need some serious education. You all know what to do--be nice though. See this link


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I heard today, in a poll, 84%

I heard today, in a poll, 84% of black voters think Obama is doing a swell job. Again, I think Ron needs to educate these other classes. The kind that aren't in college..


but I'm not willing to "like" this so I may comment. It isn't worth the effort.

Do these ladies not realize

Do these ladies not realize that it isn't only the "radical islamists" who are mad at us and hate us?? The large majority of the PEOPLE over there oppose what we are doing, and I'm pretty sure the majority of people over there aren't radical islamists. Just another attempt by Hannity to classify one race as followers of a religious/policial movement.

What bugs me

is they're implying there's nothing wrong with killing innocents! But I guess there's no such thing as an innocent Muslim.

Maybe they aren't real chicks. Maybe these are...

Maybe they aren't real chicks. Maybe these are the fake identities owned by the US government for propaganda purposes.

Maybe GE sponsored these identities to protect their military contracting business.

Who knows... but I wouldn't assume anything on the Internet; particularly when it comes to Facebook.



they probably are...real chicks that is. And there are a lot of them.