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Thomas Jefferson Wouldn't Like the Royal Wedding

Jefferson despised the pomp and circumstance that comes with government officials. In a letter to Governor John Langdon he had this to say about Royalty:

When I observed, that the King of England was a cipher, I did not mean to confine the observation to the mere individual now on that throne. The practice of Kings marrying only in the families of Kings has been that of Europe for some centuries. Now, take any race of animals, confine them in idleness and inaction, whether in a sty, a stable, or a state-room, pamper them with high diet, gratify all their sexual appetites, immerse them in sensualities, nourish their passions, let everything bend before them, and banish whatever might lead them to think, and in a few generations they become all body and no mind ; and this, too, by a law of nature, by that very law by which we are in the constant practice of changing the characters and propensities of the animals we raise for our own purposes. Such is the regimen in raising Kings, and in this way they have gone on for centuries. While in Europe, I often amused myself with contemplating the characters of the then reigning sovereigns of Europe. Louis the XVI was a fool, of my own knowledge, and in despite of the answers made for him at his trial. The King of Spain was a fool, and of Naples the same. They passed their lives in hunting, and despatched two couriers a week, one thousand miles, to let each other know what game they had killed the preceding days. The King of Sardinia was a fool. All these were Bourbons. The Queen of Portugal, a Braganza, was an idiot by nature. And so was the King of Denmark. Their sons, as regents, exercised the powers of government. The King of Prussia, successor to the great Frederick, was a mere hog in body as well as in mind. Gustavus of Sweden, and Joseph of Austria, were really crazy, and George of England, you know, was in a strait-waistcoat. There remained, then, none but old Catharine, who had been too lately picked up to have lost her common sense. In this state Bonaparte found Europe; and it was this state of its rulers which lost it with scarce a struggle. These animals had become without mind and powerless; and so will every hereditary monarch be after a few generations. Alexander, the grandson of Catharine, is as yet an exception. He is able to hold his own. But he is only of the third generation. His race is not yet worn out. And so endeth the book of Kings, from all of whom the Lord deliver us, and have you, my friend, and all such good men and true, in His holy keeping.

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Makes sense, considering

Makes sense, considering Jefferson was part of a country with the revolutionary idea of Democracy, his dislike of Britain, etc.

Would like to see what he says about France, since he was a bit of a Francophile.

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Jefferson supported a

Jefferson supported a Republic form of government. Not Democracy.



Hypocritical if this is from Jefferson,

or written before his Sally Hemmings days. I only regard Jefferson for his work on restricting central government. I could care less on his social views.

This royal wedding just

This royal wedding just personifies everything I hate about this country. Dumb masses swooning over a bunch of people who are responsible for everything that is shady and wrong about this country's past. Slavery, warfare, imperialism, taxation all in the name of the crown and defiant of the wishes of the parliament. Screw the monarchy.

The media are despicable with

The media are despicable with all their fawning and grovelling over a bunch of elites who think they are entitled to a life of luxury off the backs of peasants. Sadly, the presidency has captured all the pomp and idolatry of monarchism.

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