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Obama BC insanely obvious fake.


I am a digital artist i work in Adobe programs such as Photoshop AI and fireworks I can confirm 100% that it is a fake. I was certain it was a fake before I reviewed the file myself. I was researching it further when I found I could download the file myself to have a look. It is such an obvious fake that the most fair comparison I can come up with would be going to your corner store with a hand full of monopoly money and trying to buy something.

It was either a colossal screw up by them to release the layered file or done so on purpose to bring this to a head, and frankly I do not think they are that stupid. The only and I do me the only other thing I can conceive as possible is that the artist who created the image for them took the opportunity to expose them, knowing they would not know he was making it obvious being laymen. But thats wishful thinking on my part being a betting man I would put my money on them trying to force this to a head.

That aside this is a fake it is that simple anyone who claims otherwise is a liar.

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couldn't someone have taken a scan of the real birth certificate, and added layers so that it would appear to be a fake, when it is not. Maybe someone is setting Obama up ?

not likely

He knows it is there free for all the download and examine he directed everyone to it and it has been an ongoing scandal. He has zealots protecting him they would go over it with a fine toothed comb to try and shut up everyone calling him out.

They also release a document and swears is the real thing that says his father was born in Kenya? Seriously? After he cosigned the bill on McCain that he signed saying both parents must be native born to be a natural born citizen?

Either the digital artist is a genius and screwed Obama or He released it with the intent or distraction or trying to force a conflict. I can not imagine it being a simple mistake it is to colossal, I mean mind boggling.

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