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If Ron Paul Set A $7M Expectation On The 5/5 Moneybomb...

With the #DebateDayMoneyBomb gaining momentum, does anyone think it would be a wise idea for #RonPaul to push momentum on the moneybomb? I'm thinking that if he were to make a statement in reply some probing news anchor's 'are you going to run' to the effect of "Well, if the moneybomb were to raise a new record like $7 million or better, I would have to take that to mean I've been drafted to be a candidate."

Such a statement would probably raise the resolve in his supporters to push the money bomb beyond the current record. It would give him a great start to campaign with. It would also position his announcement in such a way as he is running for the most noblest of reasons: that the people want him for President.

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I agree with the other comments

If he does get $7 mil that's great but we can't have him come out for it. It has to be a grass roots movement to show the rest of the country that ordinary people are the ones supporting him, not banks, not corps, just you and me.

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Bad idea, the economy truly sucks and Americans are hurting

That said Ron's money bomb will be big, really big.


Bad idea. He wouldn't get to

Bad idea. He wouldn't get to 7 mill yet. These things need to build up to some excitement, something special. There needs to at least have been a debate. A 4th of July money bomb, or something like it, could generate good numbers. Big ones need time to gestate.

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No, No, No

He must act as if he doesn't even know it is happening. That way ANY amount is an unexpected surprise and he hasn't set himself up for "failure" if it doesn't hit his number.

I'm all for the debate day bomb.... but lets slow down and let this thing gain momentum on it's own. After a large part of the public get to see RP speak in the debate, LATER fund raising will be even better than this one. The base will increase. We don't want to "blow the wad" on this one..... slow and steady win the race.

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