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Constant Conservative Ron Paul by Jack Hunter April 29th, 2011

When Ron Paul ran for president in 2008, polls showed that Americans-at-large were worried about an increasingly bad economy, angry at Washington for bailing out Wall Street and weary of the Iraq War. GOP primary voters found themselves defending a Republican president who was on the unpopular side of all three issues, supporting a Republican nominee who agreed with him, and having to choose from a Republican field of candidates virtually indistinguishable from their president, their nominee and each other. Except one.

With Ron Paul all but declaring his candidacy for president this week, polls show that Americans at large are most worried about a bad economy, Obama’s high negatives indicate a persistent distrust and disgust with Washington, and this president’s three Middle Eastern wars are arguably more unpopular than Iraq and Afghanistan were three years ago.

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The need for limited government, constitutional fidelity, and being consistently conservative are all what defines Ron Paul.
Ron Paul should be better known as “Dr. Consistency” rather than the more familiar name of “Dr. No.” He is as dependable as the sun rising in the way he casts his votes. He will not be corrupted or led astray, and he will not be coerced by special interests.

Ron Paul 2012

Thank you Jack , for this great story.