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Devvy Kidd on Obama's birth certificate


Obama provided the ammunition to bring him down

By: Devvy
April 28, 2011

The display put on yesterday by the putative president was one of the greatest displays of unbridled hubris I have ever seen in my decades of being an activist, watching and studying political figures. It simply was breath taking in scope and so vile, you want to vomit. Backed up by an array of sycophants in the media, that cheap gangster from Chicago actually thought he could foist another forgery on the American people and go about his business of destroying this republic.

There are several excellent articles about what happened yesterday and why those who can still think are outraged by this latest horse and pony show. Many are speculating the usurper suddenly produced a birth certificate because of Donald Trump. Millions have been demanding that birth certificate for almost three years, yet, supposedly, Obama/Soetoro is so afraid of "The Donald" he flies an attorney to Hawaii to pick up the alleged document. As for Trump, I gagged watching him brag that he forced the president of the U.S. to produce a document no one else could. Donald Trump is nothing more than the modern day version of Elmer Gantry.

Have to ask yourself, why the hurry? It costs a lot of money to fly a lawyer to Hawaii to pick up a piece of paper. I mean, why not express mail? Would a couple more days of "The Donald" ranting have made a difference? After all, Trump had already began moving on to the usurper's college records and the question of just how "smart" is Barry?


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How stupid will the people remain on this issue?

Good article by Devvy. It drips with her disgust and that's fine with me as it mirrors my own. I don't even care about getting him out of the WH at this point . . . I just don't want him elected again.

I have missed how every

other candidate has been accepted as legit. Just curious, no dog in the hunt.


I didn't think McCain was eligible either, but he went to Congress and gave them all the documentation and they did some kind of resolution for him.

I might still have the opinion that McCain isn't eligible, but he went through the hoops that Obama has spent who knows how much money to obfuscate.

They're not all just accepted as legit. Those who were supposed to do the vetting, Didn't.

I even have

a checklist at my crappy job.

thanks for the post. When I

thanks for the post. When I showed up there was 1 negative vote. I don't understand.