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It’s More Important To Hate Ron Paul

By: lmka Friday April 29, 2011
Fire Dog Lake

Justin Raimondo, the libertarian majordomo at Antiwar.com, had this to say yesterday about overcoming the ‘false Left Right paradigm’:

we are not going to conquer the world, and it’s time our rulers recognized the economic and military reality: so give it up, guys! America’s fifty-year global rampage is about to come to an end, whether we like it or not.

This is precisely what libertarians such as Ron Paul have been saying for years, and this is the real key to a left-right, progressive-libertarian alliance. As Paul has pointed out on numerous occasions, we could fund all the lefty-liberal pet projects like government-run death panels healthcare and free Twinkies for all if only we would give up the Empire.


Of course, though one usually can’t get anyone on the Left to admit it, Raimondo is right. Opposition to the Empire is a very solid and strong basis of commonality for what one might call the ‘real’ Left and the ‘real’ Right … and in an era where supposedly Left/Progressive stalwarts like Znet, Mondoweiss, Juan Cole, Real News, along with others, have chosen to become imperial warmongers (jumping on Obama’s ‘humanitarian intervention’ Libya War-for-Oil bandwagon), how can this NOT be significant?

I keep getting emails from Znet demanding that I support their new ‘grassroots’ effort. Really? Well, if I do that, I might as well support Daily Kos, and Move On, and if I do that, I may as well contribute to Obama’s re-election campaign, and if I do that, I’ve signed on to the next few rounds of austerity cuts, of police state amoebization at home, and of brutal wars of domination abroad, and if I do all that, then I’ve betrayed everything any decent human being should stand for.

Yet Noam ‘There Are No Conspiracies” Chomsky and John ’911 Truthers Are Idiots’ Pilger would have me do exactly that. Really? What has happened to the Left? HOW DID WE BECOME A MOVEMENT THAT SUPPORTS IMPERIAL WAR?

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this is actually a pretty good

article. The comments could use some help though. These self proclaimed lefty commenters don't understand RP at all and have bought into the lies big time.