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The American Debate: GOP desperately seeking a viable candidate for 2012

After reading this somewhat poorly written article I am convinced that the first South Carolina debate is an event that Ron Paul needs to avoid like the plague.

And Ron needs to side-step this debate at the last minute so Romney or Palin can't jump back in without him.

Bottom line - Ron should call an emergency meeting of his monetary policy subcommittee or something... anything so not to have to appear on the stage with these little known gooneys.

Ron, please do not acknowledge these people as viable candidates... do not elevate them to your level by appearing on stage with them at this early pre-mature juncture!

Lay low like Romney and thus steal his thunder! Romney and Palin is all the media will talk about anyway. I can hear it now... "Romney and Palin didn't show because they are better than these people." Make them add "Ron Paul" to that sentence at the last minute.

Besides... South Carolina keeps electing "Lindsey Graham". They don't deserve your attention yet. They just follow the lead of what New Hampshire does anyway.


The American Debate: GOP desperately seeking a viable candidate for 2012

Pop quiz: Who is Fred Karger?

I doubt you'd know. Sounds like a guy who'd sell you Sheetrock or life insurance.

And yet, the folks who run the South Carolina Republican Party are very interested in Fred Karger - so interested, in fact, that they want him on stage next Thursday as a presidential candidate in the first Republican debate of the 2012 campaign, slated for airing on Fox News. They've invited him to Greenville ("we hope you'll be part of this truly historic event") even though his poll standing is so abysmally low that when pollsters query voters about the Republican aspirants, they don't even float his name.

And why should they? The guy is openly gay, which means that his prospects for winning the Republican nomination are roughly on a par with mine. But Fred Karger is crucial to our discussion today, if only as a metaphor. The GOP's wooing of Karger is a sign of desperation, vivid proof that it's still struggling to assemble a substantive roster of candidates in the most ill-defined Republican race since dark horse Wendell Willkie filled the party vacuum in 1940.

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Sounds to me like if he went he'd be a surefire standout. Regardless these debates will be viewed by a lot of people. He needs to take advantage of all the press he gets.

After 2007, where we strugged to get any media attention for him at all, we should take every opportunity we should to get him in as many debates as possible.

I should also note that Fred

I should also note that Fred Karger has only got 1% in one of the 5 polls required for him to participate and Buddy Roemer has not recieved any. They most likely won't be participating in the debate with the requirements that have been brought forth. So really it's even a MUCH smaller field than once expected.