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How People Broadcast Their Locations Without Meaning To

People were up in arms this week about the privacy implications of news that the iPhone gathers location information and stores it in a file on the user's computer. But experts say that smart-phone owners are unknowingly taking a much bigger risk with information about where they go all day.

A few smart phones, such as the BlackBerry, leave the geotagging feature turned off by default. In many devices, however, photos are tagged with this information unless users to go in and disable the feature themselves.

To make people aware of the dangers of this data, Jackson and Pesce launched a site called I Can Stalk U, which searches Twitter for posts that reveal location information and creates a map pinpointing the places where pictures were taken. "We wanted to inform people of what they're really posting," Jackson says.

The entire article at http://www.technologyreview.com/communications/37452/?p1=A2&a=f

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I think that eventually

I think that eventually privacy will cease to exist in humanity with technological advances (through choice, and not by force). What a frightening proposition, all those living will live in honesty.

For those activists that do use cell phones...

This is something to keep in mind...

But then again maybe we can track our Congresspeople and lobbyists with it. There's always unintended consequences...

I could care less.

I don't have a cell phone, never have and never will.

some of us have no choice.

I got my first "electronic leash" back in the mid 80's. no, I don't like it. but I know why I have it.
you sound like some of the women I have dated.....


is funny!