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You know it and I know it, we have a real challenge ahead of us. If we are going to succeed, we are going to have to take this guerrilla mind-warfare to a whole new level. Some of us are going to have to get dirty, really dirty.

In order for us to win, we will need to influence a lot of people. Unfortunately, the masses listen to the media, their friends and that is about it. The media certainly is not rolling out the red carpet for a Ron Paul candidacy. But I do know we are pretty damn good at networking and making friends.

People are far more receptive to a message when it comes from their friends and peers, rather than someone they have a preconceived notion to disagree with (..us... cough cough, thanks Rupert, Hannity, Beck, Cameron, Limbaugh, Stephanopoulos)

I have to ask, what would be the harm in joining a Mitt Romney website and becoming a regular poster? I am not saying to troll or go start flame wars, but inserting our narrative into their regular discussions could be a very useful tool in the war for liberty.

Questions such as “...being a strong constitutional conservative, I find monetary policy to be an important issue that many American’s are ignoring. What is Mitt’s plan to reign in spending and reduce inflation?”

You do not even need to say Ron’s name to get his message across. And if we are lucky, they will watch the debates and see who wins (Ron of course)… Slowly but surely, Ron Paul will be the only politician who makes any sense to them at all…

You could even have a signature that reads Mitt or Ron Paul 2012

This is what I am suggesting. Go behind enemy lines and strategically plant our dirty-idea-bombs right in the center of same-ole-crap base camp.

Good luck

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Truth = has more value,

I agree with the 2 posts below, truth is more important.
pls change the title to "Intelligent Idea Bomb" or "Idea Infusion Bomb". There is nothing dirty about spreading the message of liberty, and it is not even an 'idea', but a philosophy or code of life. idea could be very personal and not necessarily something universal.
Stay with and uphold the truth, do visit others' site.

Whatever you do.

Please, PLEASE!!! Don't dirty the Paulites reputation, and grow the Troll-base.

The truth is all we need, not manipulation. That's the kind of politics we are trying to move away from!

spreading the truth can hardly dirty his reputation

Sure, spreading disinfo on other candidate sites would be unethical and manipulative (e.g. "Romney hates Arabs"), but introducing Ron Paul friendly view points (e.g. problems with Fed, following the constitution) in order to open up the eyes of Ron-enemies seems both ethical and useful for the movement.

One good place to do this is facebook

Become a "fan" of his key opponents. Then if you can subtly introduce Paul viewpoints/commentary (along with not having a RP 2012 avatar) you can start some discussions on the opponent fan pages.

Even if you don't do this, posting links to Ron Paul videos or statements on your own facebook page tends to generate some conversation - I usually throw in some meat for fans of other politicians to get them engaged. The is "Paul more progressive than Obama" article generated a great deal of discussion.

Also, it makes sense to subscribe to the mailing lists of other candidates (put in one of your throw-away email addresses ) or their RSS feeds. Then you can at least stay in the loop (for instance when they post a new video and want positive feedback).

Also, it makes sense to sign up for one of his opponents forums NOW! All the Truthers in here want to discredit me and anything thing I say (even though I have supported and funded Ron for ages) because of my account age, so it might be good to go and find the Romney, Pawlenty, Huckabee etc forums and get an account, if only to say "hi" for now. Then if one of them seems like they are pulling ahead, that can be one to focus on with the subtle Ron Paul messaging, without the "you signed up 2 days, thus are incorrect" logical fallacy.

I guess the overall point with this is - as you say - to strategically put out the message of Ron where his message would be very unwelcome (just because it is Ron Paul); being abrasive about it (Ron Paul! Ron Paul! 911 Truth!) often has just gets his viewpoints rejected without consideration.

Oh, and please do NOT do any of this, as Joη says. :P


esp the last para, copying =
" - to strategically put out the message of Ron where his message would be very unwelcome (just because it is Ron Paul); being abrasive about it (Ron Paul! Ron Paul! 911 Truth!) often has just gets his viewpoints rejected without consideration".
with care.

Using the power of paper

I'd suggest thinking about this idea and really putting some pressure on those who live by paper.


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you mean "don't" do this, right?

Don't. Do not. No one here is advocating doing this.

*sentinel flies by*

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Do not do this

I have not done this

a few times