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Video -- Beck: Who is John Galt -- O'Reily: Who?

I don't normally watch Beck, O'Reily or Fox News -- But it's on anyway.
I liked this dialogue and thought you guys might as well.


Ug screw it. I was trying to create a transcript, but I can't keep up. Just watch the crappy video I made instead. Beck has some zingers for the FED too:


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tv, tv, tv

It's all you people do. arrgh.
Such a flock of sheeple.
Watch Scooby Doo or watch Glenn Beck--it's all the same. Scooby requires more thought though.

Hates the Brits, but loves the Israelis..... go figure.

Becks and Bill's CONSERVATISM is certainly in question if they don't rush out to see Atlas. Bill cannot even pronounce Ayn Rand.... Bill's old know nothing cragginess amounts to zero and Beck is an Israeli sycophant who is blood thirsty for war and Allen West is his man.

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bigmikedude's picture

That was weird.

Not sure what to make of it yet. Was Beck disrespecting O'Reilly, Fox? Hinting that he doesn't care anymore? As in - "I'm outta here". (toward the end)?


Who is John Galt

Why Ron Paul of course/

Beck seems to be

Beck seems to be disrespecting oreily...which I like. I hate oreily much more than I hate beck...and I really don't like beck. Beck seems to be sincerely pissed off that no one in the media is even talking about the fed conference. Again, I don't care much for beck...but I might be willing to give him a second look after this. ...I wish he would stop trying to be funny though...it doesn't really work.