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Just had a "Wow" moment......at dinner.

Just went to dinner with a friend of mine...and he has a 10 year old daughter. We were talking over the meal and he was asking her what she did the past couple of days. She said that for the past couple of days at school they couldn't go outside and play. He asked her why? She said because we are no longer allowed to go in the rain, even sprinkles. He kept probing...because the school has covered areas where the kids can play (In the past) even if it is raining....and she said "Because of the radiation in the rain". I about spit my food across the table. A 10 year old girl in elementary school being told to stay out of the rain because of the radiation, yet I can't get one person to listen to me. I am blown away.
The School is called Hogan Cedars Elementary and is located in Gresham Oregon. We let the conversation fade off from there but I want more info...
Was it 1 teacher that is awake...or the entire school?
Is it the principle, or have they been advised to keep the kids in from another source....I will let you know.

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i joke about this everytime

i joke about this everytime it rains and i always get the "whaaat???" look. like theyve never heard of fukushima or fallout. speaking of which... i realy _love_ how fukushima basically gets zero coverage ever since they upgraded the event to level 7. fucking unreal!


Level 7 that is continuing every day! Wonderful world we live in!

That's amazing!

an awake public school!

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Nothing new here, seriously.

When I was in elementary school, they tried to scare us to death with "acid rain" and Ferngully the last rainforest. It goes in cycles...there's always something we're supposed to be terrified of.

i'm listening.. I am staying

i'm listening.. I am staying out of the rain,, its snowing here in the Denver area tonight.

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Keep us updated on this

People need to know.

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