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Wikileaks cable confirms North American Initiative (union) - Single market, currency, border plans

"Important courtesy Wikileaks, just in time for the Canadian Election- revelations about the proposed security and border agreement the Harper government promoted in January 2011. This most recent cable details American efforts to sell the plan to the population (who they refer to as "North Americans"). It appears that the dissolution of our border and the destruction of our ability to make sovereign economic decisions will be the end result of this proposal."


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good to see..

they are still releasing..

The French-Canadians alone would never agree to this,

much less the average American. This reads like a fantasy scenario spun by some diplomat.

This also demonstrates the truth of human behavior, which is reflected in all organizations (businesses, governments, gangs, etc.) and that truth is self-interest.

Absolutely right. To think

Absolutely right. To think that they would tolerate such things is just absurd.

But just look what we accepted after 911.

Imagine if the dollar did fail... what more could people be tricked into?

Move along...

nothing to see here.
These are not the Droids you are looking for.....

Assange did say to check Wikileaks

to confirm any reports.

While the media has kept us

While the media has kept us distracted with a royal wedding, Donald Trump and BHO's birth certificate, the enemies of liberty have been hard at work destroying national sovereignty on both sides of the border.

*****The Federal Reserve is neither.*****

Sad, but true

I keep hearing heavily loaded Aircraft flying east to west, I wonder what war they are planning now.

I'd asked Congress, but they are clueless, a mere smoke on a mirror darkly.

Free includes debt-free!

get it on Drudge

1. Send to various journalists
2. Wait for online story
3. Send link to Drudge

(so far this is nowhere on Google News)

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