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'communist party' in Canada might form opposition

fyi - the federal elections in Canada are on monday. Polls for the three main parties from...

April 26, 2011
Angus Reid poll results recently announced.
CPC 35%
NDP 30%
LPC 22%

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U.S. cables dissect Canada’s leaders: WikiLeaks

Can you believe? Why did Wikileaks wait until the eve of the election to release this??

"Among the revelations included in the diplomatic documents are accounts of Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s “vindictive pettiness,” Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff’s “lack of energy and hands-on leadership,” and New Democrat Leader Jack Layton’s “mouse of a party.”


Looks like the race is tightening

NDP, Tories in virtual dead heat, either party could form minority government, says Forum Research poll
"The poll shows if Mr. Harper does win government, the NDP is most likely to become the official opposition, with up to 100 seats or more in a historic realignment of parties in the House of Commons. But Forum Research president Lorne Bozinoff told The Hill Times the race is so close, either the NDP or the Conservatives could form government, with much riding on splits between the Liberals and NDP support in some ridings, and regional voter preferences."


Jack Layton caught literally with his pants down.

And most Canadians are unlikely to hear the story that Sun News broke late on Friday until after they get home from voting. Turns out "Smilin' Jack" was caught by police laying naked on his back in the same room as a known prostitute who happened to have a "saturated kleenex" on her during a bawdy house raid in 1996. Most people will not even hear the story until they sit down for dinner after going to work, voting and coming home. That is also assuming the largely liberal media even covers the story.

Are you kidding??

This was page one in the Sun on Saturday, another new low for Canadian journalism. What liberal media? Even the Globe and Mail have endorsed Stephen harper. Are you sure you're a Libertarian?

NDP are Communist?

Not exactly, they might be a shade to the left of the other corporate parties, but that is all.


Their positions seem very statist by the looks of it. I would speculate many of their supporters are 'militant socialists'.

"Here's how you have to figure it in Canada. The NDP are communists, the Liberals are socialists, and the Conservatives are liberals. And the media is totally left-wing." - Don Cherry, Saturday Night, March 2005

They could very well be the 'executioners' of that country.


Don Cherry is an idiot

He doesn't seem to mind picking up a paycheck from the taxpayer, or working for the gov't run CBC. Labels are always misleading, that is what they are designed to do. Harper is not a "conservative" anymore than Layton is a "socialist". Each party represents rival factions of the political class with slightly different priorities.

I'm from Canada and judging

I'm from Canada and judging from the polls, looks like we are doomed tomorrow.

My predictions:

1)NDP and Liberal form coalition, which is pretty much going to be a death blow to this country.

2)Liberals will do so badly that the classical liberal wing of the Liberal party would threaten to support the Conservatives unless Ignatieff resigns and puts a classical liberal leaning member as leader. After that, Liberals and Conservatives form coalition.

Its been an interesting campaign

Your first prediction seems a bit over the top, after all we did survive Brian Mulroney.
Your second prediction seems more likely, I can't see the NDP winning a share of power. Its one thing to do well in the polls, its another to get those people out to actually vote.

The first one sounds much more likely to me

Remember, the NDP and Liberals have already signed a coalition agreement in the past (which is even still in effect until July I believe). If the Governor General accepts such a coalition, you can say hello to Prime Minister Jack Layton and goodbye to the economy. I just cannot see Liberals forming a coalition with the Conservatives. Most Liberals seem to think Conservative is a dirty word. The only good thing is that the Liberals are highly unlikely to help bring down the government again for quite a while, at least until they can hold a leadership conference and oust Ignatieff. However, even if the Conservatives decide to live up to their name for once and try to cut spending and/or taxes, it will be near impossible with an NDP opposition backed by the Liberals and Bloc. It appears Canadians are just as much suckers as Americans when it comes to politicians with slick smiles and empty slogans. I have yet to hear Jack Layton describe any real plans or ideas he has and how they are supposed to work.

I don't think

I don't think there is any great love for the NDP and its policies, its just that Harper and Ignatieff are just not very likeable. I don't think very much will change no matter who gets in. I'll be voting against Harper because of his deranged Neo Con foreign policy, and his equally insane plan to build new prisons everywhere.


I think the reason for most of NDP support is simply because they are not the Conservatives or the Liberals. Meanwhile, they will have a hefty say in parliament. There just doesn't seem to be any good options. I don't think the Libertarian Party has any candidates in Alberta this time, and only a handful nation wide. On top of that, they don't seem to be too libertarian. The worst part is, we don't even get a direct say as to who the Prime Minister is.

Even here in Alberta

Even here in Alberta the idea of Libertarianism is pretty much unknown. The polls here once again show about 67% for Harper and his "conservatives". People here don't even know what freedom is, and if they did they'd be against it.

Good Reply

'People here don't even know what freedom is, and if they did they'd be against it.'

This has to be the quote of the month ...unfortunately ;)

Like anywhere Canadians deserve the government they elect. I would bet many of the wealthier Canadians will be leaving the country by the sounds of things.


And go where?

We have the soundest banking system in the world apparently. The truth is the Harper government benefitted from years of fiscally prudent liberal governments, even the Cato institute agees. http://www.cato.org/pub_display.php?pub_id=10208


British Honduras and around that area or other locations within the Commonwealth. Moreover, many Canadians are also getting in on the the real estate downturn in the US.


What part of the country do you come from?

Out west here I think we will continue to do well no matter who wins the election. With food prices up so high maybe farming will begin to come back.

Good Reply

'People here don't even know what freedom is, and if they did they'd be against it.'

This has to be the quote of the month ...unfortunately ;)

Like anywhere Canadians deserve the government they elect. I would bet many of the wealthier Canadians will be leaving the country by the sounds of things.