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I Think Dual Citizenship is Treason

I am against dual citizenship of any kind. When you benefit from the blood spilled by patriots in the past, the least which can be requested of you is undivided allegiance. The United States is not like any other country, even though I am the first to condemn the crimes of our government, in Latin America, in the Middle East, and across nearly every continent in the world. Nevertheless, it is the greatest country in the world. A country is not its government. The fact that we are now being badly betrayed by our leaders and threatened by domestic traitors to the Constitution is another matter. We can recover. One small step is to outlaw what President Teddy Roosevelt called "a self-evident absurdity."

Roosevelt said "We must unsparingly condemn any man who holds any other allegiance."

For most of the country's history, dual citizenship was considered the equivalent of political bigamy. It is a recent development, dating from 1967, when the Supreme Court struck down a law that forced people to relinquish their American citizenship if they acquired another citizenship.

The absurdity gets worse. It so happens some people are subject to relinquishing dual citizenships, as was revealed in the case of Shamai Kedem Leibowitz, an FBI translator with a top secret security clearance who actually did act as a patriot when he leaked documents which might have been related to the NSA’s surveillance of U.S. citizens, and was prosecuted for it by Obama.

In article on Leibowitz, Politico noted:

"The FBI page on contract linguists says: "Applicants for the FBI Contract Linguist position must meet all of the following requirements: United States citizenship; Willingness to renounce dual citizenship.... Ability to meet all FBI Employment Requirements, pass an FBI Background Investigation, and receive a Top Secret Security Clearance ....""

It is also possible that Leibowitz was prosecuted for being behind the leaked news that Representative Jane Harman had allegedly been caught on an NSA wiretap engaging in a quid-pro-quo conversation with an Israeli agent.

Leibowitz is the grandson of a famous Israeli Torah scholar, philosopher and activist, Yeshayahu Leibowitz. He joined the defense team of a Palestinian activist Marwan Barghouti, and is a supporter of a "one-state solution" to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. He has also supports efforts divestment of U.S. institutions in Israeli bonds.

But I digress. The big question is, why are low-level employees subject to relinquishing their dual citizenship, but not U.S. Congressmen like former Representative Rahm Emanuel, later White House Chief of Staff, or those at the highest levels of an administration's foreign policy apparatus like Douglas Feith, Richard Perle, Paul Wolfowitz, or Dov Zakheim? Emmanual served in the Israeli Army but not the U.S. one. What does that tell survivors of the USS Liberty?

The idea of liberty dictates that any human being can choose to be a citizen of any country for which he or she qualifies. That's his business. But any country could suddenly be at war with any other country. That is realpolitik. For the privilege of being a citizen of this great country, you must choose.

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Good one. But

But you forgot to capitalize the word "I". Just kidding... Having some fun.

I downvoted you

Cuz you guys looked like you were having so I thought I would join in.


Against the "propositional nation"

America is an idea nothing more.

First of all, diversity and multiculturalism are two different things. Americans have always been a diverse, even before Theodore Roosevelt: there were the First Families of Virginia, American gentry descended in large measure from the younger sons of gentlemen from the South of England; there were the New York Dutch; there were Quakers in the Mid-Atlantic region descended from middle class tradesmen in the North Midlands of England; there were Puritans mostly from East Anglia in New England; there were Scots-Irish pioneers in the Backcountry. In addition to this, smaller groups entered the mix and contributed in their own way: Germans in Pennsylvania, including many Anabaptists, French Huguenots, etc.

Multiculturalism is not diversity in itself, which is a natural part of the world and of human experience. It is a political ideology formulated by the cultural Marxists of the Frankfurt School. Multiculturalism posits the equality of all cultures, and the necessity of western cultures to abandon the idea of a unifying, common culture underpinning civilization in order to embrace a "patchwork" or "quilt" model. Where preexisting diversity does not exist, multiculturalism teaches that it must be created through a liberal immigration policy.

A nation cannot be reduced to an idea. America is a people, not a set of documents, or principles, or abstractions. It is not a proposal, to which one may either assent or dissent. Thomas Fleming, a notable paleoconservative writer, put it this way in his essay for the book Immigration and the American Future:

This abstract approach to assimilation derives, ultimately, from the conviction - as naive as it is chauvinistic - that America is an exceptional country, one not rooted in blood, soil, and kinship, but a nation “dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal.” Proponents of this are quick to label the more old-fashioned view, that the nation is a metaphorical extended family, as bigotry, but no amount of repetition or rhetorical extravagance can disguise the dangerous logic that is at work. If I love my country because it is mine, I must be loyal to it, even when I disagree with its policies, but I do not necessarily regard it as superior to everyone else’s country, and I may have no inclination to say that all other countries, to the extent that they are legitimate and worthy of respect, must approximate my own.

Semantics.Everyone has a

Everyone has a different interpretation and definition for words.
Diversity is living in a setting with different belief systems. Multiculturalism to me is holding (or at least appreciating) more than one ethnic identity.
There's people who are card carrying members of The Cherokee NATION. They'd tell you to piss off if you said they somehow are less American than you because they're dual citizens. A Native American is multicultural because he has an ethinic identity to his indigenous heritage and to his ethnic identiy of the modern white-washed/European idea of what it means to be "American".
Dual citizenship is like adoption. Just because you're not blood doesn't mean you can't belong to a family; service members often form bonds stronger than they do with their own immediate family. An adoptee can have stronger ties to either his adopted family, his blood family, or love both equally, depending on the situation.
Blood like citizenship means nothing; it's about loyalty. Loyalty to the principles of freedom is all that matters.
America inherited it's principles from England, England from Rome, Rome from Greece. America might not even exist in the future. So it's not about a "people" but an idea.
Yes we should have loyalty to our country. But just like the Founding Fathers found out, "country" (their English ethnic identity and love of he homeland of Great Britain) like blood only goes so deep.
Hence the saying coined by Benjamin Franklin,
"Where liberty dwells, there is my country."
That goes beyond your identity as "a people" as you suggest.
I want America to live forever, but don't live under the illusion that it will. It most likely will not. For all we know Mexico or Canada might be the next country to carry the torch of liberty. The future like history is full of suprises. Nor do I live under the illusion that America doesn't have a history almost as dark as Nazi Germany.
Blind loyalty to citizenship is blind allegiance to government.

Cherokees and other foreigners

The Cherokees, for most of American history, were seen as a distinct, separate people. They were not seen as having an identity additional or on top of a generic "American" identity; they were seen as Indians---a sort of domestic foreigner. They may have resided nearby Americans, but they were not even citizens of the United States until the Indian Citizenship Act of 1925 granted them citizenship. In that sense, Indians can be seen as a sort of recent immigrant without having actually moved.

The historic view of the Indians is not "us" or "fellow citizens," but a kind of outsider. It is a matter of disagreement and dispute whether they were seen as fully-sovereign foreign nations in the early years of the Republic or as a kind of dependent nation. The Supreme Court, in Cherokee Nation v. Georgia in 1831 held that the Indians constituted dependent nations, not citizens of the Republic, but effectively wards of the United States.

It's very true. Yet many of

It's very true. Yet many of these Natives fought valiantly for the same nation which destroyed their way of life, stole their land, commited war crimes against them, genocide, and constantly broke their peace treaties.
Which is why I emphasize the point. What is "American"??
Because I'm a Marine combat vet, yet I'm Mexican-American. I don't think you can truly appreciate America without a hint of multi-culturalism.
America is about liberty, nothing more.
"Where liberty dwells, there is my country."
Native Americans and Mexican Americans (who are part native american and also native to 1/3 of the U.S.) can still have their ethnic identity, speak their own language, & yet still be 100% American because they respect Liberty and the U.S. Constituton.
Americans are too scared of other ethinic identities. But for what??
Canada has French Quebec and they get along fine. No on hates Canada; although their idea of liberty can use some work.
When you hear most people here tell others to be "American" they're really saying you should be ANGLO.
Americans like to think they're different from Europe but they're really just enforcing their Anglo-Saxon ethnic identity on Native people.
For the sake of argument, if the American government was to become Tyranical to the point that a couple of States decided to break away they would no longer be "American", the name's already taken. They would have to form their own ethnic identity. Yet "American" style liberty would still live on.
The idea of liberty precedes America. Which it got from England; England from Rome; and Rome from Greece.
And it will live long after "America" too.
At least I hope so. 0_0
Which is why America should be more concerned about spreading the message of liberty, rather than dual citizenship and picking fights and needless wars.

When Every White Person is Wiped from the Earth?

Are you forgetting that the so-called "native Americans" attacked, slaughtered, captured, raped, tortured, and enslaved colonials? Giving you the benefit of the doubt...Early colonists had to fight the indians for the land that they gained. The indians also formed alliances with hostile foreign countries in efforts to retain, hold, or retake various territories. It's not like anyone on any side of the deal was completely innocent. It just so happens that Europeans were better equipped. The English, French, Spanish, Portugese, Dutch, etc., didn't just come over to North America and take ground from a bunch of hippies. They had to fight for every damn inch of ground that they gained. Then, they fought for independence from European gov'ts and formed their own state. Our state.
After all of that, some uppity Southerners tried to form their own country, and the northern bankers and industrialists felt that they couldn't live without the rebellious southern states. I mean, think about it, two thirds of the millionaires in the United States in 1860 lived between Natchez, Mississippi and New Orleans, Louisiana. How would they ever give up that kind of wealth? They even imported masses of foreign immigrants, who had NO LOYALTY to the southern states, and bribed them with promises of citizenship and limitless opportunity for prosperity upon victory, for the very small price of committing their lives to the cause of the Federal government. oo-rah!
What people hasn't, at one time or another, had lives destroyed, lands taken, war crimes committed against them, etc.? All nations have done these things to another nation, at some time or another. Do any of the crimes of the past justify additional crime in the present? When does this cycle of revenge and retribution end? When Every White Person is Wiped from the Earth? Will it end at that point?

My mother was forced to

My mother was forced to become a citizen or they feds would have taken almost all of what my dad left her when he died. Now that's some BS.

Benjamin Franklin once wrote...

Where liberty dwells, there is my country.

Citizenship is slavery

That's about it.

Loyalty to friends and family is a different thing, though they try to pretend that citizenship is the same thing, the social contract that somehow you are forced to sign.

I don't even think you can have allegiance to a country, just loyalty to neighbors.

Men don't owe allegiance to other men

Men can have allegiance to their creator or even a country, but not a government.

Slaves and subjects owe allegiance to other men. If a man is your liege you are a slave.

Being loyal to your country almost always means being opposed to the government of that country because the government is the primary thief and murderer of your countrymen.

That governments can suddenly be at war with each other is a damned good reason to do away with them.

the idea of citenzenship is crap

Why should I be forced to be loyal to, of all things, a government??!! Just as a person must gain anothers respect so must a government gain the loyalty of the people it represents.

But I do agree that dual citenzenship should not exist only because there should be no citezenship period. I dont need to be labeled with a number like cattle by some incompetent government.

I think a liberty lover should try really hard

not to throw the word "treason" around.

Also, I am pretty sure there are people on the DP with dual citizenship, and you just pissed them off for no good reason.

“Although it was the middle of winter, I finally realized that, within me, summer was inextinguishable.” — Albert Camus

Perhaps this guy is an NSA government mole trying to dilute...

Perhaps this guy is a NSA government mole trying to dilute the purpose of the daily paul.

Your viewpoint is just grosse.

My son is 4 years old and was born in the Philippines, and is a dual citizen. My son should appreciate his roots from both places. His dual citizenship will also allow him the oppurtunity to own land in the Philippines if he desires, which is awesome because you can live like a king over there on the same social security check that barely keeps you from starving in the U.S. Why should he be forced to give up his links to his ancestry?

I have worked with and been friends with foreigners that are really great people, while also having met Americans that are disgusting. I think all of this nationalistic xenophobic way of thinking is a product of fear, a fear of the unknown. If you had a friend with different skin color than yourself, you might learn a thing or two. Could countries go to war if countries did not exist?

I am not on team America, I am on team humanity and God's children. I pity you, I really do.

THis is why we need to restrict immigration.

America was not founded for humanity.
America was founded for Americans.
If you don't want to be on the team,
quit taking advantage of our society.

How am I taking advantage of America?

Your statement implies that Americans are a seperate group from the rest of humanity and that implies priviliges. Do those privileges include the right to kill or own people? Why not if they have already been deemed a lesser value? Or perhaps you believe in the idea that people are equal but should be seperate? Then you are cool with different drinking fountains for the lesser people.

Your land America was stolen from the hereditary and rightful occupants. Your very nation is based on theft. Either you have to be OK with being a thief, or acknowledge that you do not belong here. There are many native people that would prefer you get the hell off THEIR land. Stop taking advantage of their society and GTFO you hypocrite!

My ancestors fought for this land.

The savages fought bravely, slaughtering, torturing, and enslaving many of our people; but in the end, they lost. Although, even today, some nations have their own territories, in effect countries, with borders and highly regulated immigration policies to preserve their way of life.

MANY peoples, maybe ALL of them?, worldwide, have done the same thing; but none of the actions of their ancestors justifies the destruction of their societies...except, I guess, in America...apparently we're not supposed to keep the country that our ancestors founded.

As far as your original question goes, I have no idea how you take advantage of our society, but there must be some advantage to moving here, rather than staying in the country of your child's birth. I don't even really care that you do take advantage of the system. That's why it's there. What I did object to, in your case, is your statement that you aren't part of "team America". "Team humanity" didn't provide that Social Security system on which you suggested your child might retire. "Team America" did that.

And, to your question, regarding segregation, yes I would "be cool" with voluntary segregation, rather than gov't FORCED integration. I believe in freedom of association for everyone. However, I am not sure to whom you are referring as "lesser people". Unlike you, I don't have any notion of superiority, although I am proud of being a member of a distinct group of people that has made innumerable contributions to humanity.

In case it is not clear, I am

In case it is not clear, I am an American citizen, a blonde haired blue eyed whitey, and my wife is foreign born. I also "fought" for this country as well, I am an Air Force veteran with a bunch of decorations that have the word "valor" in them (You get those by being under hostile fire). You can spout romantic notions of your ancestors glorious battles all you want, but your ancestors were fighting to take over someone else's home. That leaves your with a historical family legacy as thieves, murderers, rapists, pedophiles. The attacker is morally inferior to the attackee that is defending their home.

Fighting for this country is not required for citizenship, however your comments infer that a person that fights is a better citizen, so how bout you, did you serve in the nations military? Ever sack up and put you life on the line?

If you are an individual, the contributions of your blood relations do not mean the same thing as YOU contributing to humanity. What contributions have you made to humanity? Bet it is nothing.


The last army that anyone in my family VOLUNTEERED to join, was fighting NOT to be an American. They lost that one, but as far as I know, none of them ever had any notion of forcing the North to open its borders to the world. Thanks for your contribution.

You're either a troll or the

You're either a troll or the most miserable, worthless person I've come across in a long time. Either way, no point talking to you.

There is a difference...

There is a difference between fighting for your nation, your Folk, and fighting for the internationalist finance-capitalists who control the state. In one, there is honor, in the other, you are at best a mercenary. Let me put it bluntly, you weren't fighting for Mr. Jones or Mrs. Johnson next door; you were fighting for a system that lines the pockets of Schiffs, Rothschilds, Warburgs, and other alien, internationalist profiteers who have come to dominate our society.

The American frontier was inhabited by hostile tribes for whom "thieves, murderers, and rapists" is perhaps a more apt description than for the pioneers. Even children were scalped, and these scalps were affixed to clothing. Some tribes practiced human sacrifice, like the Pawnee, who captured young girls from neighboring tribes and sacrificed them in the barbaric "Morning Star Ritual" that persisted well into the 19th century. At least the pioneers were constrained by a European culture of human dignity and by the clear moral injunctions of the Christian faith, although in actual practice, of course, these constraints were not always observed.

true warriors

In my area there are native tribes known for cannibalism.
"Those who use all of the bones and the teeth."
They were, and still are to some degree, feared and
respected for their savagery.


What team are you on, team Fed? Because your regimented group-think plays right into their hands.

Btw, The people who wrote the BOR were not "Americans", they were British subjects at the time.


I get it. Thanks for clearing that up.

We have a dual citizen problem.

dude! Woa!

If you think Murika was founded to murder a bunch of native tribes so the first flotilla of boats could rule over the rest of the world, I think you're quite mistaken. Do you remember the inscription on the Statue of Liberty?

Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses, yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore,
Send these, the homeless, tempest tost to me,
I lift my lamp beside the golden door.
Author: Emma Lazarus

The United States entire intention was to create a bastion of freedom for not only those who lived here, but for all humanity. You are seriously in need of hitting the books my friend. May I suggest reading all the founding father's writings, John Locke, Bastiat and Hayek.

Not only all that, but depending on your religious persuasion, it's also a moral imperative based on essentially every religion on this little marble called earth.

deacon's picture


Was that quote about america,or was it to the false god it represents?
I see,a down vote but no response,someone afraid of seeing the truth?
I'd say so

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence

and dont' give my that tired Statue of Liberty garbage

That poem was written by a Zionist, before Zionism was even cool.
I don't see Israel opening it's borders to the hordes of Africa.

Yeah, Emma Lazarus...a perfect example of the hypocrisy at which this entire discussion is directed.

"Open border for thee, but not for me."

"America is for everyone. But, Israel is for the Jews.
If everyone moves there, where will I retire on a measley Social Security pension!"

Yeah...let Americans deal with it...

What are you going to pull out next? The Gettysburg Address or the Declaration of Independence? None of those trumps the only RATIFIED purpose for which our country was founded, which is written in the Preamble to the Constitution.

We have a dual citizenship problem.

I didn't even make it down to

I didn't even make it down to this comment before I replied to your other one for being a racist. I scroll down a little and low and behold antisemetic remarks. The Zionist conspiracy is controlling the world and they are using black and brown people to steal all the goodies that are rightfully mine as a racially superior white man.

LOL! Now I'm anti-Semitic! Just words...

You're a funny guy. Sure, to someone like you, I will always be "anti-Semitic" and "racist"; because I don't want to be Judaized, and you hate the truth. I am Germanic pagan and my existential beliefs are fundamentally different from yours. I have no need to change to accommodate you or anyone.

I never said anything about any "conspiracy". That is your invention. I stated a verifiable fact about a single, known advocate for a Jewish state. Emma Lazarus would NEVER put such a poem at the gate to the homogeneous Jewish state that she desired.

And, apparently, there are many Israelis who own the same opinion...
Sweden accepts dozens of Eritrean asylum seekers from Israel

Hey, it's fine for Sweden to lose its ethnic identity...It seems odd that racist, White, northern Europeans would be so hospitable when African nations are unwilling to accept their own neighbors.

But, hey, get your crew down here and vote this comment down, too.