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Is the "Free market" response specific enough for the couch potato vote?

I'll vote for Ron Paul because his position on the FED and his bottom line promotion of personal responsibility.

But I don't blame people for wanting to understand what exactly will take the place of some of the programs Ron Paul would like to remove. For example, I can appreciate the sentiment of the person who's skeptical about there being no FDA.

True, the desire to keep customers should encourage responsible product development. However, this assumes competence always exists and mistakes don't happen. I'm not crazy about being a Guinea pig. Having SOME kind of regulatory layer in between can't always be perfect either, but it helps.

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How about...

Our present central banking system and fiat currency prevents the average individual from ever accumulating any wealth. Your money is nothing but IOUs from the Federal Reserve. Federal Reserve bankers engage in "crony capitalism," picking "winners and losers" among their friends and technologies and services that do not endanger their friends, stifling safer, cheaper alternatives. Central banking and "fiat money" virtually dictates an income tax. Income taxes confiscate your wealth during your most productive years and Fed-induced inflation steals the rest when you are retired and on a fixed income.
You run all the risks and are punished for your successes. "Empire building" and wars without end, including world wars, would not be possible without central banks and fiat currency. Only God should be able to create "something from nothing" but central banks, such as the Federal Reserve, do it every day. Without central banks, the world would be a much freer, more peaceful place.

Of the major party candidates,only Ron Paul is serious about ending the Federal Reserve and, hopefully all the central banks in the world.

Then you'll be happy to know

that the FDA approved aspartame and every killer drug that has since been removed from the market for killing people and causing harm.

A regulatory commission that is in the pocket of Big Pharma is no regulatory commission at all.

We'd be better without it, because then we won't be paying for a bureaucracy that doesn't do what it claims, but simply runs a corruption game for the advancement of certain paying interests .

The key is transition and

The key is transition and constitutionality. If it is not constitutional and the states have a right to do that function, then a transition period should go into effect. Just like the FDA will not disappear tomorrow, neither will the FED.

But competition whereby a private entity does the FDA function, which can be sued for outbreaks*???*. Anyways the govt can always blame it on somebody else, so a free market solution would be to just have some competition.

Its not like the FDA does a good job anyways. They would get smoked if they were trying to run against other companies.

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The reality is that mistakes by the FDA,

CIA, ICC, SSA, Medicare, Medicaid, DEA, etc. etc. cause mass illness, deaths, debt, and loss of the simple abilities of Americans to "pursuit of happiness."

Government is inept in almost all of its functions. Our economy is on the brink of failure which will dump all couch potatoes on their lazy rear ends and deny them the means to enjoy their Doritos and beer.
Government-created monopolies have already CAUSED couch-potatoness.

Big Pharma-oriented medicine and insurance creates chronically ill populace dependent on their expensive quack drugs, vaccines, etc.
The FDA/DEA,AgDept etc. cause further ill health by warring against cheap, simple health aids such as organic farming, raw dairy, vitamin producers, medical marijuana, alternative practitioners and therapies such as benign alternative cancer treatment.

Federal control of education has created an ignorant populace that doesn't know the dangers they face from government itself. they were trained since kindergarten to obey and believe authority instead of being watchful and wary of anyone dangling promises of free stuff.

The marketplace not only sorts out the bad with legal remedies, but by customer boycotts and competition. AND it would not give corporatist special privileges and monopolies, so mass errors would be rare. The mass food poisonings we see would be rare because food would be produced more locally and have to meet consumer watchdog standards, not bureaucrat-crony winks and backroom gaming.

And with a vibrant feed market, there would be no limits to entry into business and jobs; now vast segments of the populace are barred if too poor to get expensive licensing, expensive training vs free apprenticeship, taxation, codes, regualtions too oppressive for success, etc.

Principles vs Issues or Policies

Principles run deep and determine what we are.

Principles like "free markets" are like that. They can be misunderstood or made to mean something other than what we actually mean because they are abstract and general. Applied correctly, the principle of free markets leads to specific policies and issues that the average Joe can understand.

Catchwords can be misunderstood of they aren't concrete and specific. It is probably better to emphasize those specifics along with the words "free markets" so that Joe will understand what we are talking about and how it affects him.


If companies screw up, they take responsibility for their mistakes - i.e. prison, lawsuits, pay for damages, etc.

If you buy food and get sick, you didn't buy the food with the expectation that you would be sick - i.e. getting sick was not the benefit you were hoping to receive by purchasing that item.

So companies should have to make amends, whether they meant it or not. This is justice.

The companies that do things correctly will be rewarded. The companies who do poorly (as in they are the incompetent ones) will shortly find themselves using up their profits to pay for damages and find themselves looking for work - and in some cases (like the really evil stuff - pollution, etc.) - find themselves doing prison time.