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Royal Wedding Purge 2011: Charlie Veitch Arrest

At least they were polite...


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...how do these guys live with themselves?

Anyone, any American voter(especially a so-called conservative) that supports "keeping order"-"by hook or by crook" as the same 'ol Republican political rhetoric versus the TRUTH heats up into the 2012 campaign, needs to be given a history lesson with regards to laws punishing so-called "seditious libel"(John Peter Zenger), and TOLD that any discretion granted to the Department of Homeland Security with respect to enforcing a similar "pre-crime" agenda here in the States is tantamount to quartering of troops(snitch society)!

We are ALL Charlie Veitch for SPEAKING OUT at this absurdity, and the ignorance of law enforcement "just doing their job"...this shit better not come here!!!