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Where's the donation tracker?!

I hope Dr. Paul's 2012 exploratory committee web master realizes that a HUGE part of the success of the 2008 money bombs was being able to watch the donation counter go up, and see your name and state show up for a few minutes after you donate.

Why isn't there a similar donation tracker Flash widget up on http://RonPaul2012.com/ yet? They've got just 5 days before the big debate day money bomb! We don't want this to fizzle because their webmaster was asleep at the wheel. They need to get it posted and debugged and load/stress tested in just 5 days. It should have been up the moment the web site went live last week.

They'd better also be aware of the fact that the 2008 donation tracker used a fairly standard (I think it was JSON) data feed that other sites could read directly. That means with very little effort, RP 2008's webmasters enabled sites like http://ronpaulgraphs.com/ to do their magic, giving us tons of data analysis and allowing us to "compete" among our states and whatnot for bragging rights for who donated the most. They need to have that data feed up and load/stress tested a couple days ahead of time if there's any chance the web wizards at other sites will be able to start giving us fun graphs in time.

Lastly, here in the 2012 campaign cycle, mobile (smartphones, tablets) is even more critical than it was 4 years ago, and Flash runs like crap on the few mobile devices it runs on, so they really need to have a standard HTML/CSS/JavaScript alternative to the Flash widget, so we can watch it from our iPhones and such.

If anyone reading this is in touch with the campaign, can you please confirm that they're on top of this?!

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From a letter Ron Paul sent out today -

"Our team will have a counter up at our new website, www.RonPaul2012.com, for all the world to see."

they'll have it up, we just need to spread the word!

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I'm a little worried about

I'm a little worried about that, too. I really hope that thing gets up there soon.

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"they need to!"...Or

Or, we could assume they will not necessarily do a good job, and set up data mirrors as I did here.

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... good point... we want to rock the world on the 5th... all the moving parts must work seamlessly... I can't wait..

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