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Amazed on the West Coast

I've tried to find an East Coast post as I feel sure somebody else saw the CBS evening news. It was the most amazing, positive and rather long news article on Ron Paul that I have seen on CBS. And, this is from Katie and Company who have absolutely shunned Ron in their latest Presidential Candidate features.

Did anyone else see it? Is there a clip up yet? It was so positive and made both RP and his supporters look great. Treated him as top tier. And, he looked and sounded great.

If this has already been posted, let this blog go. If not, let's find the clip!

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Finally, I think CBS is

Finally, I think CBS is coming around. Thats yet another good report from a MSM outlet. Its encouraging to see RP treated as an equal among the the other presidential hopefuls. Its also kind of a shame that money had to be what got people's attention, but if its working, good deal.

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You got it, it's on the front page now.

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CBS Sandwich

......I can't find it, surely somebody will soon. It showed the latest polls and said it looked like Ron Paul could come in third in Iowa (we say better ).
It showed signs being put in the ground by happy people; store owner where the reporter asked them if they knew who had just walked out of their store and they smiled and said something like, "sure that was Ron Paul!" A cute little kid someplace else said Ron Paul! When they talked to Ron he was upbeat, self-assured, happy and relaxed. It was just great.

Here's the psychological sandwich. Before the RP piece, they had some semi-negative other candidate stuff. Then they closed the news with two feel-good pieces: one about a soldier who had died, but his german shepherd in Iraq was retired and given to his parents and the other about a judge in Michigan who did adoptions of foster children in December. Both were tug at your heart stories, well done and emotive. Ron Paul story was also a feel good story that indicated that normal people of all kinds and ages were resonating to and excited about Ron Paul. Comparing him to the tortoise...well, we all know the tortoise beat that rabbit. Won the race!
Find that clip sumbody.


It's got to be out there somewhere!

Get that clip !!!


New Post on Ron Paul

New Post on Ron Paul over at


RP on CBS Evening News

.....Here it is for anyone who did not see it:



Shoot/Just The Story

...somebody try to find the clip. It was just on the evening news and it was just spectacular.


Find that clip !

You've got me excited !