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Fort Knox VS the Fed! Real Metal VS Faith Based Cash

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Dr Ron Paul: Libertarian icon Dr. Ron Paul conducted... the most important monetary policy hearing in 40 years... gold standard proponents: James Grant, Lewis E. Lehrman, and Prof. Joseph Salerno...

Here is a serious essay arguing for monetary gold. Perspective from WW II forward:

  • No gold standard (US Dollar, sponsored by the Fed)
  • No gold reserve standard (UK Pound Sterling backed by US Dollar
  • No gold lease (Europe, backed by the UK Pound)
  • Just gold. No paper promise.

Solid links connecting monetary history from 1870 forward:

  • Mises
  • Cato
  • Sound Money
  • Gold Standard
  • Forbes
  • Wall Street Journal

'The evidence shows your Fed’s papier-mâché money to be a big part of what is thwarting full employment.Honest money — dollars convertible to a defined weight of gold, not “faith-based” Federal Reserve Notes — carries the full employment mandate'

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