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HOW TO: Create Votes, Rally Supporters, Build Momementum for RP to WIN IT!!!

Alright, guys. Great debate by RP. Now, we need to keep the momentum going. Don't just rely on these debates for building support, in fact, you can't trust the mainstream media to do their job.

We gotta get off our couches, get active in our communities, and create lasting impacts in our lives and in those of others. By spreading the message of liberty and Ron Paul, we can absolutely do this.

I'm new to rallying support for candidates, so this is as much of a help for me as it might be for anyone else. Post here any great ideas or approaches for rallying support at local or broader levels.

Things we should (but not limited to) talk about here:

1) Ways to find local RP meetup groups

2) Ideas for individuals to promote RP (flyers, yard signs, door-to-door, Facebook, etc.

3) Persuasion: best ways to convince different voters (republicans, democrats, independents, undecided, pro-life, pro-choice, pro-war, pro-no war, pro-war on drugs, against war on drugs, etc.)

4) Any other ideas you can think of.

I think one of the most important things to consider when convincing voters is that we have to address the philosophical / principle-level issues. For example, if we are talking to Republicans, most will likley have philosophical contradictions when it comes to:

- supporting government with the Partiot Act
- BUT, NOT supporting government when it comes to involvement with economics (even though we know elected republicans are all up in the economy).

These are philosophical contradictions that essential self-destruct the arguments of most voters who are stuck in the "left-right paradigm". We should apporach voters with principles and philosophy.

Any more ideas would be great.

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It might be helpful

if people could give stories or personal experiences of their involvment in the GOP at the local level by becoming delegates or committeemen/committeewomen. It may be hard work or tedious at times but Dr. Paul said to try to have fun along the way. Maybe there is a way we could spice it up a bit. Who knows, our enthusiasm could become contagious and influence others in the GOP at the local level.

You influence them most at a PERSONAL level...

You dont have to educate on the issues.

When people get to know you and they're like...

"I know Jack, he's a regular guy."
"Jack is a person of high integrity. Even though I don't agree on his preference for president, I totally trust he'd always do the right thing."
"Jack is always johnny on the spot to get volunteer work done. We can always rely on him."
"I'm voting for Jack as a state delegate."

See how differently the above goes when you focus on nuts and bolts WORK and just being a good neighbor rather than being the teacher or the confrontor?

The above works like a charm and will eventually melt even the most ardent people most of the time.

Screaming in their faces or calling them all neocon bastards, do you believe that will result in the same effect and quotes above?

(Even though they, in fact, ARE neocon bastards. ;) )

Don't Be Stupid

Harsh, but true. People did a lot of wasteful and counterproductive things in 2007-08. So things to do:

(1) Remember the primary goal is to WIN THE REPUBLICAN NOMINATION. Nothing else matters at this time.

(2) Given #1, do not waste your time, money and willpower courting Dems or even Independents unless you are in an open primary state [and then go for the I's]

(3) While it is nice to register new voters, it is extremely time consuming with low return (how many will you sign up, how many will actually vote, and what % of the typical turnout for a primary is that number?)

(4) Get your lists of registered Republican voters. Many times it will come with a voting history so you can see if they are voting at all in primaries. Target primary voters first and only after that try for those who don't bother (as they probably still won't bother even if they say they will.)

(5) Unless RP is in your town or it is somehow tied in with an official campaign event, give the sign waves a rest. We are well past needing name recognition within the party and standing on the same corner every weekend looks stupid pretty quick.

(6) Do not overreach. If you have limited resources (people, money) concentrate your efforts in the areas you know the best and can make a difference.

(7) Literature is important but should be brief - something that a voter can scan in 30 seconds and have the major ideas and a minute to read the entirety.

(8) Don't bring up Iraq. At all. The majority of republicans supported the war (at least to start) and the ratio in the primary voters is even higher. People don't like being called 'stupid' to their face, avoid it.

(9) Do not attempt to explain RP's positions to people further than your literature. Direct them to his website or give any official publications you have. You are not RP and should not put your words in his mouth

(10) Remember #1! You want Republican primary voters to vote for RP. Those are the people you must make contact with. That means door to door, party events, etc. It is very hard work! Do what you can do right rather than more half-assed.

So to summarize: think first and always remember what your goal is.

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Do not totally discount democrats

I agree with many of your thoughts beezle. Hopefully the meetup groups from 2008 learned enough and have already got folks elected to county and state republican committees. They should have been doing this from day 1 after the last time.
I say do not discount democrats though, Meetup groups can actually be more effective in this regard as there is so much divisiveness between the parties and the D's will never be swayed by the R party, but as I have seen they can be swayed by individuals and the grassroots groups.
Obama has no primary opposition. I have personally got 3 in the past 2 weeks to register R only to vote for Dr. Paul in the primary. The war, and Obama's broken promises on foreign policy, patriot act etc. are huge to them.
Their mindset seems to be that supporting Dr. Paul does not equate to supporting the republican party as a whole. They are open to talk about him mostly because despite anything else they view him as honest. There are alot of votes to be had from D's since they basically have no primary this time and RP is the only R candidate they can feel comfortable with, knowing that Obama is no lock for a second term.
Again, you make some excellent points. I would just say though not to totally discounts D's. I agree not to waste time on it, but if the opportunity is there, take it. We need every single vote we can possibly get in the primaries.
Along with your point (9) I would add this. If you are talking to someone...first listen. Find out what issue is most important to them and be brief in pointing out Dr. Paul's position. If you sense they agree or feel positive, MOVE ON! If say, abortion is their #1 and they are pro life, show them that Dr. Paul is pro-life and leave them positive. Do not keep talking and start up with the new world order, the FED, the war and lord knows what else till the vote you had suddenly starts backing away like you have the plague. I have seen us lose easy votes this way more than one can imagine.

The above describes Voter ID

Voter ID
and getting elected to a county or state delegate are the 3 things needed to win.

GOTV comes after voter ID

However, it is almost too late for 2012 in most states to become a county or state delegate, in other words those who ELECT the national delegates.

Door to door ... become a "block captain"

... and it's fun.
Encourage your friends to reach out to and talk with and /or give info to "their" friends.

And never forget, “Humans, despite our artistic pretensions, our sophistication and many accomplishments, owe the fact of our existence to a six-inch layer of topsoil and the fact that it rains.”

Find out what Ron Paul issues will play best in your area.

Unemployment in New Hampshire and Iowa are below the national average. However, it is over 10% in South Carolina.

University of New Hampshire history student John Logan is a libertarian opposed to the war in Afghanistan.

Logan, a veteran who served in Afghanistan, said he sees the potential for anti-war sentiment to bloom on the right.

He is one of about 25 members of a University of New Hampshire group, Young Americans for Liberty. I'd contact him about promoting Ron Paul.

For Iowa, I would contact National Religious Campaign Against Torture (NRCAT) and, if possible, enlist their assistance. If not, volunteer to help THEM and recruit those you meet.


Unless RPers get elected county and state delegates and subsequently elect national delegates, the party can steal the nomination.

So, the meetups and fun stuff is nice, but nuts and bolts party work is how you win.

All it would take is 10% of the RPers to do this and we would overwhelm any party, local, county, state with numbers to take all national delegate slots.

Remember you are seeking election or appointment. So, be johnny on the spot, not the Alex Jones bullhorn. we're looking for the long term win.

RP Through Chatting Casually:

Wear the shirt, go to the cafe, let them ask the Q's, know your answers. Don't impose. Let them know Liberty Lovers don't need to fret over every politician. Most regular people are too dumb to see that every politician says the same thing. Tell them that, and then say that's why you like Ron. What would you rather hear: "we need a stronger economy and more jobs" or "the solution to a stronger economy is keep the govt out and maintain a sound money supply" ?

Whoever says the former is most politicians...note the lack of intelligence in a canned speech...if you convince the average joe sitting next to you in some Starbucks after he comments on your shirt, you just planted the seed. Congrats.

Also, I think the only place anyone should ever send any person online is the official website. They will set it up to appeal to everyone, which is more important than someone being sent...say here...where half the crowd is hardcore and might scare off say, your grandma.

Also, on a humourous note...we should get all our feisty grandmas to support Ron Paul...you know the type. They'd multiply faster through their weekly functions than college kids at a save darfur rally, haha

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I dig this

I dig this, will definitely do that, sounds like a simple and authentic way to influence people.

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Got my hair cut today

and told my hairdresser about Ron Paul. She said she had heard of him but did not know much about him. I told her not to look for him in the MSM but research him herself. She fully understood that and said, "Well, if the MSM doesn't like him there must be something good about the guy."

Interesting approach to campaigning, don't y'all think?

Given the huge social networking influence - how would it be to develop a campaign philosophy that basically touts what my hairdresser friend deduced - that Ron Paul must be a good guy if the MSM is marginalizing him. Encouraging people to put little stock in the MSM - directing them to get their information from independent blogs, facebook pages, Daily Paul, etc.

The MSM will either pick up the trend and further its agenda or ignore it...either way we circumvent the yellow journalism.

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How about a road race?

There are so many road races out there for multiple causes. I'm a runner and would love to see a road race to support liberty and Ron Paul. Everyone regsiters and that registration money goes to the Ron Paul campaign. Imagine hundreds or (hopefully)even thousands of people running for liberty with Ron Paul shirts and signs or whatever. What a site for all the sheeple to see!!

That's a great idea for Boulder!!

I mean what liberal is for the wars. They are freaks out here when it comes to triathlons, 5Ks, and 10ks. Maybe even some Medical Marijuana Centers out here would want to promote awareness for candidates who favor legalization of marijuana. This idea has got some potential. The running for liberty thing not necessarily for legalization, or to raise awareness for propeace candidates.

In the beginning of a change the patriot is a scarce man, and brave, and hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot.


I dig that, the question is how do we collaborate it? These are logistical issue we all need to consider. I suppose some of the ron paul support groups that you can find on meetup.com would be the best place to start...I'll keep this in mind when forming the website, you marathon idea.

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Hey, guys, I currently

Hey, guys, I currently creating a website for the sole purpose of offering effective and unique ideas on promoting RP's message, will post back with the link when its ready.

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Promote RP Indirectly

Because there is an increasing anti-RP campaign from MSM as a whole, the best way is to promote issues that RP supports which in turn drives voters to him on their own.

I really like "The American Dream Film" for it's entertaining summation of the Fed in 30 minutes. There's a site on wordpress that shows it and has a downloadable business card size print out cards to give to family, friends, strangers, waiters, etc. to introduce them to this issue through a low cost/effort grassroots campaign.

Check it out:

How to Help Rand End the TSA - TSA Agents pose potential public health threat. Support Dr. Burzynski's Cancer Cure

This is a better url for that site


This site is awesome send everyone to it.

there t shirts are cools also.

Their site could be better

Since we're talking about recruiting people that generally don't care much, they'll look at the official site, say something like: "Interesting, I'll have to check this out later" and usually don't bother after that (I've seen this happen).

Plus, most wouldn't know that you have to click on their tiny youtube button at the button to get to their 2 parts of the movie.

the wordpress has the full length video right off the bat (with links to the official website to buy the video, etc.) plus it has the printable business card so they can give them out to their family and friends.

Yeah, I wish a lot of people's attention spans were better, but it seems like you have to make it as simple and "one stop shop" as possible to get them to pay attention.

However, once they do, it's like a light gets flipped on and they start looking for things on their own. The struggle is simply getting them to open the door to what's going on.

How to Help Rand End the TSA - TSA Agents pose potential public health threat. Support Dr. Burzynski's Cancer Cure

Most important thing for die hard supporters to do...

If you love RP & you want him to win, then the following will be
-more powerful than any donations
-more powerful than any commercials
-more powerful than any vp running-mate
-more powerful than any amazing tv debate victory

Here it is--THE PLAN---->join your local county level GOP committee & become an official Committeeman
-Many precincts have unfilled spots.
-It's easy to get a spot! Rules vary by state.
-It's a volunteer position; therefore, no obligations.
-Do as much or little work as you want.
-Earmark efforts to educating voters about RP & pertinent issues as you feel appropriate.
-People will take you more seriously if you are an OFFICIAL GOP committeeman.

Together, the committeemen elect the County Chairman; they often become delegates; they notoriously endorse primary candidates in all elections (sheriff, congressman, state legislature, senator,etc.). Here's the end game--if all the die hard supporters become committeeman, then it's game over!

This plan isn't foolproof, but it would be next to impossible for the establishment to counter it. I think every county in America easily has 30-40 die hard RP-committed citizens ready to be committeemen for their local GOP chapters. We need to spread this message to them ASAP!!! I'm voicing this because I strongly suspect that there are NUMEROUS loyal supporters out there wasting efforts on other avenues, ie blimps, button pins, sign waves, t-shirts, etc... I believe THE PLAN will make your efforts far more fruitful.

I welcome any dissenting views and criticism to THE PLAN. It's the best way to tweak it ; )

We need to go FULL-ON in New Hampshire

Iowa picks corn, New Hampshire will picks Presidents; and they will pick Romney if we don't get a focused campaign going there.

Lets knock Romney out of New Hampshire and Iowa.

from NH the last time

temper your enthusiasm. NH voters got heavily turned off prior to the vote as they were getting multiple (and I mean multiple as in many)RP phone calls, flyers, etc. There was way way too much overlap and disorganization.

Having gone there, I can sympathize with those people - campaign workers (paid or not) ringing your door bell to no end, the phone calls, the junk mail... you might as well be a credit collection agency! Multiply it by the number of candidates and you can see how easily it is to get turned off.

RP at the national level must take the helm in the early states this time and properly direct the resources. We need to target the proper voters, keep track of who has contacted them (when and with what) and not over do it.

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Free State Project

Has anyone contacted them to try to find those who are willing to start laying the ground work?

Jack Wagner

Another way to help

is to start putting some money aside for the next money bomb. I have no idea when it would be (July 4? Earlier?) but I want to be able to donate more than I was able to this go round. I think that is why the Dec. 16 money bomb was so successful. We had weeks to prepare for it.

Spreading the Word

Hi, I am from Germany reading and watching RP and dailypaul since 2007, great work and keep going !
In Germany the politicans and parties are doing "Wahlkampfstände", that means in your (our) case
- a table
- a big sun umbrella
- 3 or 4 Ron Paul fans
- Information material
- all in front of a shopping mall or into pedestrian zone which hordes of people...

- Repeated twice, that people recognize the name, picture and so on.
It´s often big fun !

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This would be great in farmer's markets

where food freedom is a big issue. Information about all of the invasions of small farmers and organic food producers would be very useful; of course the solution is freedom to choose and a reduction in Federal power.

speaking of farmer markets..

There is a produce stand at Root's Auction, a huge farmers market in Lancaster county PA. The owner of the stand has had a Ron Paul yard sign displayed in his stand since 2008. I went there recently just to see if it was still there and lo and behold, yes it was. I spoke to the owner who said a year or so ago his wife wondered if it was time to take it down and he told me his answer was simply 'never!'.
Needless to say I was inspired yet again.

An easy thing to hand someone...

Ron Paul Cards. Many more designs coming. www.RonaldErnestPaul.com

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