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NY Times all but ignores Ron Paul in debate

"While candidates in presidential debates often need no introduction, the participants who filed onto the stage at the Peace Center for the Performing Arts offered an exception to that rule. There were two former governors, a member of Congress, a former senator and the former chief executive of a chain of pizza restaurants — all of whom round out the lower rung of an unsettled Republican field.


Tim Pawlenty, a former governor of Minnesota who was among the best-known of the candidates on hand,"


Lower rung Republicans? Pawlenty "best-known"????

Who died and made this staff writer of a dying newspaper the judge of viable Republican presidental candidates? Sheeeesh! Hurry up and go chapter 13, New York Times!

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Lay off

hey, take it easy on the the NY Time people, what is my puppy going to piss on if they go belly up?


Jon Stewart and the Daily

Jon Stewart and the Daily Show sum up the New York Times quite nicely with this video as one of his staffers pay them a visit. Prepare for a yuck and applause.


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Lets see

Ron Paul raised over a million in 1 day, has a new poll saying hes the only candidate who could compete with Obama compared to all their other "viable" candidates, he's done more media interviews than all the guys combined over the past few years, yet they say Pawlenty is best known, and ignore Paul?? Its sort of laughable..

Fall River, Bristol County, Massachusetts

"When one gets in bed with government,
one must expect the diseases it spreads."
‎"It's not like I'm a powerful person. My ideas are."

That's convenient! People all but ignore the NY Times!

That's convenient! People all but ignore the NY Times!

"Cowards & idiots can come along for the ride but they gotta sit in the back seat!"

I don't need that snot rag to tell me what I saw

The Old Stream Media is irrelevant. Their pathetic propaganda isn't even interesting. Reality is more interesting than their nonsense.

They can't match tens of thousands of us talking about liberty

Talking about liberty, day in and day out.

Living a life of individual liberty and personal responsibility.

I do not believe Dr. Paul wants to be our hero. Do you think he would prefer to be a peer amongst peers?

NYT and Fox and other government actors must expend energy to keep the illusions alive.

The truth is already alive, it needs no support it just waits for individual discovery. It is a gift that can be shared with outers.

Once upon a time there was a newspaper that celebrated the truth on each and every page. It is still possible today, truths are still waiting to be discovered.

Free includes debt-free!

NY Times is determined that

NY Times is determined that Ron Paul shall NOT be considered a viable and possible candidate for presidency. Their biased reporting is intended to be misleading when they quote RP out of context "How many would use heroin if it was legal?" They knew they were doing Ron Paul's larger position on personal freedoms and liberties a disservice. He is the only viable candidate that can bring greatness back to America. It's interesting that NY Times fails to print his increasingly popular views on the economy, the debt, the deficit, the federal reserve, his foreign policy which makes more sense with its growing popular support more than any of the other blood thirsty, illegal war mongering, militaristic candidates. So who is the NY Times (along with other media moguls) in bed with to promote world domination, killing any or all citizens, foreign or American) who get in their way, controlling the markets with fiat currency. Are they part of America's problem because they surely do NOT lend itself to America's solution with this two-faced reporting.

New York Times? What's that,

New York Times? What's that, a new wristwatch?