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Let's Win New Hampshire! What is the current status?

The NH primary is ~9 months away.

I love debating as much as the next guy, but Ron Paul isn't going to win this election from debates/discussions on DP.

I just called the campaign at 979 285 9533 to ask about New Hampshire. No one picked up so I left a message.

I campaigned for RP in last election and look forward to doing it again.

Anyone have any additional information about getting involved on the ground in New Hampshire??


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The current status...

...is that most of the votes are either cast on easily corrupted electronic voting machines, or on paper ballots tabulated by easily corrupted electronic tabulators. If you want Ron Paul to win New Hampshire, this needs to change. Nothing else we do matters unless our votes are counted fairly.

Here is a recent poll from

Here is a recent poll from NH:


Note that Romney is the strongest candidate with a 68% favorable and 19% unfavorable (+49%). Also note that Ron Paul is the second strongest candidate with a 53% favorable and 21% unfavorable (+32%).

Third is Pawlenty at +20% and everyone else is at +12% or worse.

Romney has to win NH. If he doesn't win NH, he won't get the nomination and will probably drop out. Ron can close the gap by winning the Iowa straw poll and getting a bump. Ron also needs to run TV ads that make him look "presidential", this will convert people who like Ron into votes. If Ron gets 2nd in NH, especially a 2nd where he is closer to first than third, I will call it a victory.

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Hi, Neighbor?

Re: http://www.dailypaul.com/160458/dailypaul-alternative

thrillseeker82: I sincerely apologize in advance for what I have to say, in the case I am wrong.

But man, you set off my hinky meter. It does not matter how long you have been a member of DP, what matters is your intent. Anyone can say they helped out way back when... but as the saying goes, "pics/YouTube or it didn't happen!"

As someone who lives in NH, who first voted for Ron Paul in 1988, maxed out donations and campaigned my arse off for him 2007-8, and was active in grassroots efforts here... I don't believe we have ever met?

Not that that's an issue, really, as I am not important... but Ron Paul supporters/campaigners here in NH tend to be a very friendly group of Liberty-lovers. It is a small state. Most of us know each other, and more disparately, we are only about 2 degrees of separation. ;)

Feel free to contact me via e-mail by clicking on my username. We'll sniff butts, ok? I'm ready to offer you my bonafides and references (going back to at least 2001) from others in NH who choose to be more public with their real names. I am sure you can offer the same without revealing your name, if you are who you say you are. Deal?

Personally, I don't care for a repeat of 2007-2008 in NH, with some of the the dead wood "volunteers" and some very obvious plants from other campaigns derailing things- yes, even within the MeetUp groups (don't get me started on that!) Hope you understand.

To all:

I would caution anyone from posting ANY grassroots efforts info to message boards which are open to the public and cached by search engines. Please take more care this time!

It was bad enough last campaign with Democrat groups and a couple GOP groups copying us, but now they're ALL onto the techniques which only TRUE grassroots support like us can create. (Ever wonder how the GOP co-opted OUR Tea Party movement so easily?)

Never heard of a hinky meter

Never heard of a hinky meter before, so thanks for turning me on to a new term.

I saw your reply to my post on the other thread, thanks for that. It could be the nature of people who are on DP, but I'm not sold on the gospel according to Mises, Hayek, etc. as being fact. To me its the same as taking the 10 commandments as facts because it was coming from God.

I am certainly odd, different, etc. if thats what the hinky meter is in reference too. I'm a huge fan of Richard Fyenman, you know of him? He was on strange cat, did amazing things in science and thought the honoring of his work was silly as hell.

I'll email you so we can sniff butts as you say! I want RP for president, if that is going to happen egos need to be checked and goals focused on the practical, otherwise all of this is just a place to complain about all the non-believers.

I agree to a degree.I think

I agree to a degree.

I think , especially in a state like NH , you're more likely to convince your friends and family to vote for a guy like Ron Paul through normal conversation, not sign waving and approaching strangers. We all hate canvassers until we become them. My dad sister and closest friends all voted for (or supported and didn't vote out of laziness) RP because of my matter-of-fact approach, which is how you change people's minds...not by trying to out support the enemy.

As a cit. of NH, I enjoy the political atmosphere, but I don't want to be bothered by a million people who don't live here.

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This is an election for the

This is an election for the president of the entire USA and NH like it or not is in the spotlight having its primary so early. If residents of NH don't like that then they should work to have the primary later in the process, you do that and I assure you that you'll be left alone.

I don't know where you live in NH, but having lived in this area my whole life I know that these days the people in Southern NH are a lot like the people in MA. You really have to go north of Manchester for more people with the classic Live Free or Die mindset. The problem with that is that elections are about votes and the major of people in NH live in southern NH.

For example, PorcFest 2011, which if you don't know is for the Free State Project, is being held way up in Lancaster. Far, far away from the masses of people in Nashua, Manchester, etc.


Hello, 2011 Porcupine Freedom Festival head organizer, here.

PorcFest is held in Lancaster because Lancaster is home to Roger's campground, the largest privately owned campground in NH. If Roger's was in Southern NH, PorcFest would be in Southern NH.

The people of Southern NH really arent as bad as you might think.

Anyway, you should all come to PorcFest!



We have to expose Bishop Romney in New Hampshire.

Bishop Romney is the only competition in New Hampshire.

And he's only competition because voters there have not heard enough about his flip flopping around the issues.

If Bishop Romney would just have a couple of bad hair days it could be all over for the pretty boy.


Are you local to NH? If so,

Are you local to NH? If so, want to work with me?

Free State Project

If you aren't already a part, try linking up with some people from this group: http://freestateproject.org/

They should be very energetic (if they Support Ron Paul) to help out. Try to find at least 1 person to start working with. Maybe create a flier with a good argument why NH should vote RP in the primary and pass them out. Go to any and every Libertarian party meeting and speak your peace.

Maybe we should have state-by-state sub groups in the Ron Paul 2012 section on here so we can start networking.

Jack Wagner

Are you with Free State? I

Are you with Free State?

I wanted to go to PorcFest, but I am way down in the Nashua area, like I said in another post I don't get why have a gathering so far north. If the main go is to make NH the most libertarian state in the country you have to get the hundreds of thousands of people in southern NH on board, right?


PorcFest is held in Northern NH because that is where Roger's Campground, the largest privately owned campground in NH, exists. There are PLENTY of people coming up from Southern, NH, including folks in Nashua. If you just plug yourself in, you can easily find a ride north.

Start here: http://porcfest.com

I am not in NH but all meetups nationwide need to work with you!

This is how we win.

Right on, I need to connect

Right on, I need to connect with people locally on meetup.

Live_Free_Or_Die is right... Make sure people are legit!

Live_Free_Or_Die is right... Make sure people are legit!

Don't assume anything.