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Is there any web site that needs to be made that would help?

I'm interesting in building something that doesn't exist that can help get the good doctor elected.

I am just tired of the media.

I am tired of people voting for irrational reasons - so many people across this country are literally voting against their own self-interest.

After so much has been done to "wake people up", it's just not enough... or those methods have backfired... or they are not selling the ideas in the right way that these people would understand.

I think a lot of it has to do with philosophy. If the people that don't like Ron Paul or don't know much about Ron Paul understood philosophy, they would immediately pick Ron Paul over other candidates... because every other option would be incredibly distasteful to them.

Ron Paul isn't perfect, but he's literally the best option America has by leaps and bounds. This is serious shit! This is probably the last time we get a chance to elect a real president. After this, the economy is going to collapse and we are all screwed.

So what can be done?

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Ron Paul games..

Like throw snowballs at hannity or something.

I bet there are some game designers that could put some stuff together. Just thinkin outside the box.

A website idea I've been kicking around for years

but didn't have talent or time to develop or operate is a forum/wiki wherein all states/republics have sections within which are county level and city level sub-forums. There could also be sub-forums for voting districts. The city/county forums are focused on their specific needs and interests as also state-wide and national reaching through the appropriate forum levels.
• Set up an account (with email) for each ELECTED OFFICE (not by personal name but by OFFICE, DEPARTMENT, etc.). People can then communicate directly with those offices and expect/demand answers to questions and issues. Those offices not being responsive(ble) can be noted and addressed as needed in the next election.
• Comment areas on office/agent performance and review.
• The forum could/ought to be structured like a wiki (or organized/embedded with a wiki) wherein complicated issues can be logged, organized, dissected and clarified.
• Have "issue areas" where issues/complaints are logged, tracked, commented on and followed up on. Everything done in public view.
• Links to all state laws, county and city ordinances.
• Links to judge/court performances/rulings.
• Links to all state, county, city and non-governmental budgets, histories and performances.

In short this web site would be how, where and through which the people/citizens can manage (ride herd on) their own employees and governments while holding them accountable and responsible. By including the government and the people together in a cooperative effort (instead of antagonism and confrontation) many great things (liberty, peace and prosperity?) can be attained.

A+ Game Idea!!! I almost forgot about this!??!!

Last time in 2007, I tried to make an entire site of a game-type scenario, called "where's Paul-dough"... Quick summary to not bore the eyes:
1-central website
2-supporters sign up and create a local game
3-game consists of hiding Ron Paul flyers in malls/grocery stores/fruit stands/gas stations, etc...
4-people find them and read the hot pink sticker w/details on website w/specific code to enter and win money.
5-supporter decided during game's creation how much money/# of flyers/city location they desire
6-the pink stickers are generic return address blank stickers that the website can create the info to put on the sticker w/random number to enter at the website's location for that specific supporter's game
(stay with me here...)
7-people who find the flyer reasonably will go to the site because it's a game that gives them free money for being one of the first ones to enter their code
8-they'll probably read the flyer because hell, it's in their hand and they're keeping it for the code/to win free money
9-they'll see on the website that supporters have made more hiding games in their city and other cities have games as well (a database of games is listed with prize amount, # of flyers, location of flyers, etc...)
10-basically it's like a lottery where we the supporters make the premise of the game (the amount to be won, and we hide the flyers in the locations we want to...)
11-people can go to the website (ex.)wherespauldough.com each day to find out if there's a new game in their area and what locations to look for flyers at...

Anyhow, I'm sure the above is as clear as mud, but last time I had it almost done and then the progammer was SLOOOOOW and the campaign was almost over by the time it would have been finished, so I scrapped it! But, I think it would be an amazing idea!


We need a Ron Paul steering committee website were supporters can vote and give Ron immediate feedback on the direction of the campaign. We could vote on commercials released for public consumption, we could offer feedback and ideas that would provide overall sentiment of the on going campaign.

It would be a site that allows ideas to culminate to the top. A place that shows the supporters their ideas matter. Feedback for everyone who wants to feel like they are connected. Confirmation that we are part of the process to restore our country.

Where we do not make empty promises, but lead by example from the very beginning. That's the doctors policy why should it not be the campaigns policy from the start.

There is an idea that's been

There is an idea that's been bouncing around in another thread. It would be a way to coordinate people calling in to radio talk shows when issues come up that we can use to spread the good word about Dr. Paul. We were mainly talking about targeting radio stations in the three main states, IA, OH, and SC. (I think those were the states)

Basically, RP supporters in those states could listen to political radio, like they probably already do. Then when they start talking about an issue of interest, the RP supporting listener would go to your site, and post the station, the web stream, and the number to dial in. This would send an alert to other RP supporters nation wide. Those supporters would then listen to the stream, and call in. With so many RP supporters calling in, we'll have a much more convincing chance at getting on the air and getting our message heard.

The alert system could be by twitter, RSS, email, SMS, or smoke signal. Eventually the site could compile a database of the radio stations, with phone numbers and links to streams, so that if someone wanted to send out an alert, they wouldn't have to look up all of that info.

If you wanted to get really slick, you could let people generate the alert by SMS. For example, a listener hears a topic of interest with a chance to call in. They simply SMS "WAFY" (Whatever the call sign of the radio station is) to your server. Your server looks up WAFY in the database, and generates an alert with a url to the stream, and a call in phone number, then sends that alert to everyone who has subscribed.

Freedom Wins!


This is a nice idea

Activism site

Forums and Facebook are nice for organizing people for activism, but there isn't a single meeting ground for people who want to meet up with other liberty-minded people in their area.

If created and formatted right, this meeting ground would inspire many to become active, instead of just sitting around waiting for the next debate or moneybomb.

I was actually planning on creating something like this myself, but I lack the skill.

I think this would be one of the most helpful things to this campaign.

What does everyone think?

Edit: Meetup.com is nice also, but I think a more personalized place for people to go to would be very fruitful.

There is a program like that

A guy had used it for several non-profits and was offering to set it up for the County GOP.

There is something out there already. Sorry , that was 3 months ago.

Free includes debt-free!


I just think that Ron Paul and his supporters would benefit from a more personal, more inspired meetup site with forum-esque qualities. Where members can easily meet up even in very small groups to do something as simple as sign waving or as large as a full-blown rally.

I think you are right.

Good luck with your investigation.

Free includes debt-free!

A website whose

premise is that it is NOT part of the MainStreamMedia and will provide honest news with no exclusions or spin. Not beholding to anyone...

As I recently heard - "He (Ron Paul) must be a good guy if the MSM isn't treating him right."

The law cannot make a wicked person virtuous…God’s grace alone can accomplish such a thing.
Ron Paul - The Revolution

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Other available claims are:

  • Honest, no exclusion, no spin, no beholding to anyone banking.
  • Honest, ... military.
  • Honest, ... industry.
  • Honest, ... complex.

You need not be a genius to garner a patent; first come, first serve. Operators are standing by.

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Since a lot of people are persuaded by

popular trends, an interesting direction would be to highlight the coolest, fun and meaningful grassroots libertarian projects, diverse personalities, topics, aspirations, self-help and community cooperative efforts, etc.
Compiling and editing for quality content and presentation of vignettes would be a big job; if the resources and energy were available it could be a very effective direction to show the vibrant, creative, positive solutions to the economic and militarized and dependent, divisive culture we all are working to heal and set on a course toward liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
I'd love to see the campaign as total contrast to the status quo, military, top-down, ham-handed policies of Obama.

Leather Bound, top shelf. Supper will be late this evening.

You want folks to know you have excellent material. Those willing to reach, get it.

As we gather from time to time, record our highlights of creativity. We have wonderful persuasive clips of Dr Ron Paul presented as collages of him quipping expressions of encouragement. I am encouraged by seeing other react & getting to work on fixing what needs fixing.

I recall pitching in, helping family & friend most every day. Sometimes I recall even more [than actually happened].

I remember Ma & Pa telling us kids the most persuasive arguments to do good... whilst we starved. After we all learned our lessons, we had time to reflect.

Then supper was brought out from our kitchen.

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how about a website called

celiberty dot com, it could be a site consisting of famous, or well to do people in the liberty movement, like Charlie Sheen, or that one actor with the last name of Vaughn. Even the latest Pittsburg Steeler that spoke up. The elites try to make famous people suffer when they speak up, it would be nice to give them a venue to join us. Our movement needs money and we need some celiberties to join.

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Liberty Achievements!

egervari, I've been looking for someone like you. This idea takes a real web developer with backend experience, not just an HTML-jockey.

I would LOVE to see a website with game-like "achievements" for doing various liberty-related activities, for things like:

  • Went to a Ron Paul meetup
  • Donated x/y/z dollars to the campaign
  • Read "Liberty Defined"
  • Canvassed
  • Caucused
  • Phone-banked
  • Bought a blimp
  • Threw snowballs at Hannity (kidding!)
  • etc.

It would need to have some way users could embed their achievements display on their own websites or in their "signatures" on web-based message boards.

If the system is well-designed, the achievement names creative and fun, the display of awards attractive, it can make being active for liberty into kind of a fun game, and get people off the Internet and out on the streets making a bigger difference for Dr. Paul.

Cleaver ideas. Especially like, "Bought a Blimp."

I imagine our successful campaign to include lots of creative tasks. Imagine blimps tethered to Ron Paul supportive businesses, soasta [(1) so as to] help you navigate your buckboard & even your horse could guess the way you should go.

Footnote: (1) Spellcheck could not find "soasta" ("so as to"); 'course, spellcheck can't even find itself, let alone what I am a looking for.

Disclaimer: Mark Twain (1835-1910-To be continued) is unlicensed. His river pilot's license went delinquent in 1862. Caution advised. Daily Paul

That's a neat idea too

You're right - I'm the backend guy. I have a lot experience in building large systems (like systems that operate on 50-100 - or even more actually - database tables). I can do the html stuff too... I'm pretty much a generalist in all areas, but it's not really my strongest suit. Still, I can do it and fool people ;)

On Stackoverflow.com, you can get achievements for doing all sorts of things. It can be done somewhat similarly. Achievements actually open up features on the site, like becoming a moderator for example. So you have to earn your trustworthiness.

Something like this wouldn't be too hard to do honestly. I wonder how to moderate it?

Now I think of it, having a place where people can ask questions about liberty and people can answer and vote on the answer, etc. might be a neat idea. If the stackoverflow.com source code is free (I'm not sure... it might be), all one would have to do is re-skin it and host it on a server somewhere. That's probably a pretty good idea.

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there's something similar


Technically not solely liberty, but pretty close.

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a lot can be done

I suggest you do something like this to educate people:

and this is my favorite video that needs to be spread to democrats and others that still accuse Ron Paul of being racist:

LL on Twitter: http://twitter.com/LibertyPoet
sometimes LL can suck & sometimes LL rocks!
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I'll check those out

I don't want to duplicate effort.

Part of what I want to do is really blast through what people think is true and try and show them in the fastest, simplest way the problem with it. I want to do things so powerful that it really gets people to think, "Wow... that's right... I can't believe they made me think in a way that is against my own self interest!" And stuff like that.


I think a site is needed that puts newbie friendly information articles and facts about the issues, freedom, and freedom candidates at their fingertips in bite size chunks on one page. It should give surface info that sucks in the viewer and makes them dig deeper on their own. This should be a site that activists can send a link to others who are uninformed about the issues and candidates but isn't too complicated to glean the major points.

Personally, I think videos like Freedom to Fascism are great newcomer material - so links like that all on one page could help activists point people to info that can change minds.

This sounds like

something I can do in my spare time. It's not a big project.

I'm quite the software architect (been doing it for 19 years in c++/php/java/scala/ruby/blah blah), but if anyone here is a great artist and wants to do up a nice web 2.0-ish design for such a site, I'd be happy to incorporate it.

I'm an okay designer, but I take a long time and often find myself ripping off pieces of layouts from different sites ;) The best I can do is this (http://www.trainingdividend.com), but like I said, it's not like I invented it from scratch.

I can always do that too though.

I think

We should make a running comparison website to show how Ron's views and/or VOTING RECORD are similar to other candidates... So that when a Palin supporter realizes 65% of the whole country hates her-and Ron Paul is the ONLY candidate with a shot of beating Obama- they can goto the site and be like, "oh sweet well Ron Paul is for all these things Palin "says" she's for, oh and he wants to repeal the Patriot Act and keep the government from tapping my phone!!?? Sweet, I'll vote for him now..."

NO MORE LIES. Ron Paul 2012.

Thanks for all the comments!

I'll give this some thought. If i can put something together in my off hours, I will definitely do so. We need get Ron Paul elected this time. We need to battle the media and somehow find a way to win.

I really do think this is our last chance. Sometime during the next 4 years, we are going to have a collapse. We need a president to get in and start doing the right things for once :(


I see a need to link and track Paulites per each electoral vote in the nation. I have yet to see a site with a map, where users can see how effective their own local campaign is, as a metric to determine where resources are best used.

Things like local polls, primaries, local groups can be all posted on such a page, and we would have so many bases covered, for as long as the owner allows network to work neutrally with other Paul sites.

I'm not sure if that makes any sense, but to me, that would truly set apart Paul's campaign from any other.

There are already so many wordpress sites, meetups, facebook pages, and blogs, that we might be splitting the scene up too much.

Excellent Thought. Maxim: All politics are local.

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Excellent Idea. I would think

Excellent Idea. I would think that we could implement a database where we could map out each precinct and determine how much coverage we have with delegates, precinct committeemen, etc. We need to identify where we have a lack of coverage. I think it's important that we work backward starting with the national convention and how many we need there and from what states and then come up with maps that show where we need delegates. From there, people can work on building up representation with the ground forces nearby.



Loving it! Let the brainstorming begin!

Always sell 'em before the new model arrives.

I don't collect nor save up all my "last chances." No sir, I sell 'em. There's profit in 'em. Most folks think my 'last chance' is one-of-a-kind. I sell 'em right before the new model comes out & depreciates the value of the old one.

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