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We are having too many money bombs back to back!! We need to spread them out and make them more powerful and effective. Support a 9/11 money bomb with a goal of either $9,110,000 or 10 mil!!!

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Well, setup the site that promotes it.

and if the grassroots thinks it's a good idea, then it'll happen. If they don't think it's a good idea, then they won't. It's pretty basic.

That would be stupid. Pick

That would be stupid. Pick another date.

Why would it be stupid?

A money bomb on 9/11 would send a message to the establishment.

It also sends a message to the American people that we would

then appear to be insensitive and wacko.

Seriously a money "bomb" on a 9/11 anniversary?

Are you mad?

Because that's what people will think of us.