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"Ron Paul's Post-Debate Moneybomb" (Redstate coverage!)


Tooncesthecat was kind enough to give RedState an update on how things went yesterday and what he/she expects:
"Don’t be surprised to see Paul climbing in the polls over the next few weeks. Given Johnson’s performance in the debate, Paul seemed like the “responsible” libertarian. If most of the tea party unites behind him (as opposed to Bachmann or Palin, who both missed opportunities by blowing off this debate), he could easily shoot to the top of the polls. I know there are a lot of Ron Paul haters out there. I’m not supporting him. I’m stating facts. This time, his campaign isn’t a joke. It’s for real."

Does that seem sweeter to me than it should for some reason?

Going to enjoy checking out RedStaters' comments once they start hitting.

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Ive got one thought...

on RedState. GFYS's

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul


I'm not great with Netspeak...but I got that one loud and clear..

Wha? .....hey....who stole my country?

I would have to agree !


these guys are trashing Ron Paul on the comments

Go check out the comments. These people need some love from our community!

Comment at RedState?

I won't touch that, personally.

If someone were able to come across with the utmost restraint, factual information, and best presentation, by all means jump on it.

But in the little bit I've viewed the site as comes to handling of Paul or his views, I don't realistically see anything good coming of it. We're dealing with diametrically-opposed paradigms on these topics and likely to get a firm ban on anything resembling support for Paul reinstatated.

It looks like there is internal disagreement, though, and I think as time goes by, the situation with our foreign policy and economy become more pressing, and support for Paul's ideas likely continues to increase, we may see them begin to overcome their dissonnance and realize that it's perhap time for a re-evaluation of these issues - and then perhaps, their distaste for Ron will wane as well.

I also consider it highly likely that it will become more apparent that the other options will become increasing unlikely to defeat Obama. Bush-style republicans are still fresh in the country's mind and don't represent any significant difference to what we've had with Obama - may likely become more obvious that most people prefer the devil they know to the devil they don't know.

toonces takes heat for complimenting Ron Paul

Thanks for picking up my diary entry on Red State. It had over 75 comments at last count and generated considerable controversy on the Red State blog. Why? Because I told the truth: Ron Paul won the first debate, despite what 29 people hand-picked by Frank Lutz said. In fact, not one of those people committed to voting for Herman Cain. As the media reports rolled in after my post, more and more bloggers are crediting Dr. Paul with a win. You can read more of my thoughts on the Presidential Election on my primary blog: "Obama's Last Day" @ www.tooncesthecat.wordpress.com. I won't block you from posting as long as you avoid profanity, remain respectful of others and limit each post to less than 250-300 words. If you want to receive notice of my future postings, send your email address to tooncesthecat@rocketmail.com. I'll send you alerts on future posts.

As you can see from the comments at Redstate

The biggest problem Republicans face in picking a presidential candidate is literacy. Redstate.com inhabitants seem to lack economic, political, and military history knowledge that exceeds what their Mommas taught them when they were four years old. It's ridiculous how little substantive thought the main redstate.com commenter exhibits. They are complete cliches of the type that Democrats use to castigate Republicans for being totally ignorant.

Redstate.com was, and continues to, be a complete joke.

I feel your pain

I really do, Toonces, but I can't say I would have expected anything less just based on the history of the site.

I know Ron Paul supporters are not by any means always the best ambassadors (and perhaps my view here is just limited), but those are nasty, unkind people I feel do NOT support the conservative moniker by any means.

I honestly don't understand the outright hatred of Paul or his views, even reading through the comments and explanations...the biggest gripe I see are some things Paul said in explanation of his positions, not the positions themselves.

How does antagonizing the rest of the world (in their view), stretching our military too thin & burning them out, and leaving porous borders with no significant homeguard benefit our national security?

How does waging another civil (drug) war against our own people, arresting hundreds of thousands a year who have committed no violence, spending millions to keep them locked up, ignoring the fact that drugs are of higher quality-more available-unregulated...instead of treating drugs as a mental health issue and removing this power and profit from gangs as well as drug cartels now waging effectively open war on our southern border...help us?

How does letting the government read all our email, monitor our internet usage, listen to our phone calls, pat us down in ways that would get any of us thrown in prison for doing the same thing...make us any safer when it's documented that it's OUR actions and intrusions causing the animosity in the first place...and we're more likely to die by choking on our own vomit than being wounded by the terrorists we're apparently so afraid of?

I could do this all day, but the neoconservative mindset that's so prevalent at RedState is so mystifying to myself and the majority of the country that I can't bend my mind around it other than come to the conclusion that these people are no longer interested in the land of the free (as we now have the highest incarceration rate in the world) or the home of the brave (as we now let irrational fear dictate all our policy decisions).

Perhaps I've missed something here, but from all signs I can read, I'm not the one living under delusion here. Peace works - we should try it sometime. Light pushes out darkness - responding to darkness with more darkness makes the night blacker.


Nine Lives

Actually I was amazed that the post blew up the way it did, making it high up on the Bing and Google News search engines. All in all though there were only about 3 or 4 repeat commenters who were trashing Ron Paul and his supporters. Understand that I wasn't taking sides, except out of a sense of fairness and honest reporting.
I'm interested to see what my post this afternoon about "The Gingrich Wing of the Republican Party" will generate. I don't think the Gingrich for President web-site will be linking to it. Thanks for the warnings about getting tossed off the RedState site. (By the way, Toonces is a 20-year old male, grey tabby cat who lives in St. Matthews, South Carolina. Really. His owners occasionally help him with his blog entries.)

Please donate Toonces a can of tuna on my behalf

I'm really not surprised it took off, honestly. You pointed out Ron Paul doing well and he's one of their fovorite targets. It was a winning formula.

I'm really not liking mbecker's posts as he's very rude, and Neil Stevens just didn't make any sense to me with "Ron Paul, anti-freedom, anti-Constitution shill for Communiist butchers should be fired."

I can maybe understand that last bit based on the discussion - although I disagree with it (and regardless, if they'll support intervention on that basis, please let me know when we're going into north Korea, China, and how we justify not dealing directly with Stalin and the rest...).

You DID have some not-terribly-friendly comments for us, but they weren't too far off the mark in some cases, so OK. Also, it plays well to a sense of preservation on that site, although I can't really agree w/such :)

I might check out your new article, although that site makes me feel bad in fairly short order so may have to work up to that. Hope it goes well for you, and if there's any way you could, please TRY to get those people to understand first off that we need significant change - I see no way around that - and that even if they disagree with his plans to accomplish such, they should not doubt his sincerity or integrity, and should also realize what constraints a president has to work within. Paul could use the office as a bully pulpit to work towards goals, but would not just be able to shove through most of what they appear to be so bothered by. His ideas would be tempered by congress and likely moderated to a degree, realistically - for good or ill.

You will not see any comments

You will not see any comments there from me. I was banned after about six posts. I still do not know why. That was the first time I was banned since I was one of 40,000 or so people on the internets when they were called arpanet and USENET, before the WWW. I just got banned again today. Number two was HowTheWorldWorks.

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