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Bill O'Reilly's Post Debate Poll: Who Won The Debate?

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This is pointless. If Paul

This is pointless. If Paul wins this poll there's no chance of bill putting the results on the air.


figure he is Giuliani and will not get very far once people see he was a fed chairman etc. He has way to much baggage. They have no real substance in anyone the gop can put up. Let the fun begin.

Don't worry too much about Cain

We're just out of the gate. Actually, we're not really even in the gate yet. Fox is building him up now just so they can tear him down later. That's how it works. I'd be more worried if they were pushing Dr. Paul at this point in the race.


is beating us, scroll down, it is called the primary, primary debate. We are getting creamed. Onward to the top!!!

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I want to watch Bill O'Reilly about as much

as I want to be jabbed in the eye with a needle...

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Theres this one: It has RP in it:

"The primary debate
May 5, 2011"

About 4 tabs down on the left

Don't know how old it is though.

Bill Oreilly obviously has

Bill Oreilly obviously has great disdain for American voters. Anyone who takes this poll is an idiot. O'reilly just voted for you by offering his choice of what two candidates you should vote for. Abuses of Media power such as this is a major reason why the greatness of America is tanking.


That's like asking, Which is your favorite bear in the zoo?

O'Reilly is not very nice. Or bright.

No options.

Seriously...Mittens or The Dumbone?

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I did not bother to vote on that either.

The lesser of two evils.....

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