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What Ron Paul needs to win...my opinion only of course

I am more excited about the expected run of Ron Paul for President in 2012, than I was during his 2008 run. There is no denying the electricity and attention that was created during the 2008 run, but I have a feeling this time around is going to be even bigger!

I do have some thoughts regarding Ron Paul's 2012 campaign and these thoughts I believe will be a roadmap to victory. Just look at the following and the buzz he has created without to date, but how can we get the rest of the country to see him for the Constitutional and Liberty champion he really is? In my opinion, this is how:

1.Employ a professional and experienced campaign staff that can help Ron polish his points ups, make his delivery more effective, and prep him to seize upon the gaffs that his opponents are sure to make. I am not talking about dirty campaign tricks, but simple things like delivering his message quickly, yet effectively. Regarding the capitalizing on gaffs his opponents make or turning the moderators statements back on them...he needs to use those moments to really drive home the points. A DP poster commented the other night after the debates that he should have turned the comment the moderator made about, "I never thought heroin would get applause in South Carolina" into another chance to drive the message home by saying something like, "They are cheering for Liberty and individual choice, something this country was founded on and we need to regain". An experienced campaign staff will only help to enhance his message to an even larger audience. Ron's loyalty to family and friends is admirable and I am all for keeping that inner circle in place during the campaign, but they have to work with the experienced campaign staff as a team.

2. I believe Ron Paul must insist that the grass roots be given a place in the campaign as well. I am not thinking a lurking on the outside type place, but an active role within the campaign. I believe ALL campaign advertisements/commercials need to be developed by the grassroots! I believe forums such as the DP, need to be an active and utilized conduit between the campaign and the grassroots supporters! If he does this one thing, not only will it help spread the message further, but it will energize his supporters and you will see the money bomb donations go through the roof, as the grassroots will see that they are effectively driving this campaign!

3. The last part is he needs to choose a VP early on. He doesn't need to announce them right away, but the country needs to see that his potential successor is just as qualified as Dr. Paul and will protect/defend the Constitution and all it's principles. The truth of the matter is, Ron Paul is getting older, so we need a like minded individual to serve as VP, in the event something tragic were to happen. If the country can see that his successor will be just as much of a champion of the Constitution as Ron Paul is, they will be that much more likely to throw their support behind him.

We have an opportunity here folks, to define history. This season, unlike any other, is when this country is most ripe for the message of Liberty! I don't worry about Ron Paul becoming President and not having a Congress to support him, because if the country receives Ron Paul well and votes him into office, then it is highly likely that another batch of Tea Party candidates (real Tea Party candidates), will be elected to Congress as well. The time is now and this is our best shot... our country doesn't have much time left. It can be said that we are already past the tipping point, but I believe if Ron Paul gets elected, we can then begin the restoration of founding principles and give the power back to the people and the States!

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I agree, this election will be more exciting.

The most important thing I believe will win this election is local RP supporters working together to become delegates. Becoming more knowledged in how your precint votes in the caucuses or primaries is the single biggest key in winning.

In NV at the state convention that was closed down the RP supporters were so organized that it scared the daylights out of the establishment. The RP supporters showed up with laptops, print outs of roberts rules of order and lists of who possible RP delegates should be. Luckily the Terhunes were leading the charge. This time it will take the courage of us all to do that type of work.

Good Call

That is an excellent catch and something I overlooked when posting. Your right, the delegates for RP need to be a single cohesive group, working together and supporting each other. As seen before in 2008, the establishment will pull out all the stops to suppress the "voice of dissent" in this country. The local arena and delegates is where the ground war is going to be fought. If we all stick together and assist each other, we stand a greater chance at victory.

It is my understanding from this site, that the RP supporters at the SC debates the other night were very well organized and professional, distributing fliers, etc. and generally creating a buzz. This is what is needed, every chance, every event...organize organize organize. Focus on the points effecting all Americans and avoid all the "fringe" or less popular content that doesn't resonate with the country as a whole. The supporters who believe in that know they have a better chance of having their concerns heard or addressed with a Ron Paul administration, but the majority of Americans are concerned about what is right in front of them. Taxes, bills, groceries, medical care, retirement. If we can spin these topics and the resolutions to these concerns into the greater message of freedom and liberty, I believe this movement will explode exponentially!

I agree

This is the number one thing. Without it nothing else matters.