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Dr. Paul beats all contenders from debate on Facebook Fans - Graphs/Charts

The numbers don’t lie. Dr. Ron Paul has the largest following online from facebook members who were in the debate. Even drudgereport.com announced CNN’s poll showing Dr. Ron Paul with the best shot at beating President Obama.

As of 5/6/2011

Ron Paul 347,605
Herman Cain 79,070
Tim Pawlenty 86,422
Rick Santorum 15,584
Gary Johnson 113,098


The grassroots and organizational structure is miles ahead of any other potential candidate in the debates at this time.

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The reality check is shown below. If one of the other heavyweights enters the race, we have our work cut out for us. Dr. Paul's support needs to double on facebook to win in the Republican primaries.

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posted to facebook.

like the graphs.

This is probably the most honest poll.

and I'm sure you could only vote once. Plus every vote could be accounted for.

this indicates the popularity

of candidates against each other.

However, you may have some people who are fans of both romney, hucakbee and palin. It only gives real relevance to the size of the fanbase.

One interesting thing to note in the graphs and data is that there were only 750k or so Rush Limbaugh supporters who support both Romney, Huck, Hannity, etc. Palin is the one who hit the facebook data off the charts and is the real contender to deal with. She has a leap ahead of everyone else in terms of support, but not necessarily 'intensity' of support like Dr. Ron Paul has. Most of Dr. Paul's followers donate and are very informed/interested in politics/freedom.

Whereas many of the followers of Huck/Mitt - politics is simply an extension of their fox television and talk radio viewing/listening habits.

Peace, Freedom and Prosperity. Not War, Welfare and Bankruptcy.