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The Ron Paul Moment


Ron Paul raised over $1 million online in only 24 hours on Thursday, outmatched every other GOP contender against Barack Obama in a hypothetical 2012 match up, and won over the crowd at the Republican Presidential Debate in South Carolina. Thomas Eddlem at The New American had to ask: "Is this the Ron Paul moment?"

In 2007 and 2008, while sharing the stage with a crowded ticket of several high-profile presidential hopefuls, the little-known congressman from Texas stood out from all the others and became the focus of intense national attention, drawing a large and quite energetic following-- as well as many harsh critics. He fearlessly criticized the Bush-era foreign policy, DC's out of control spending, and the Federal Reserve's loose monetary policy. He also argued, that among his opponents, he was the only true champion of the Constitution and the Founding Fathers' philosophy of limited government, and his campaign literature listed all the reasons his record in office proved it.

After standing out so boldy in such a crowded ticket in 2008, it was easy to anticipate the strong presence Ron Paul would have in this Thursday's debate, sharing a stage with only four other contenders: two little-known governors from small states, a former senator, and a pizza chain CEO. In terms of fundraising prowess, name-recognition, and national profile, Ron Paul already had all of his opponents bested.


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