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MSM Wrongly Framing Debate: Libertarian vs Conservative?!?

Its not ill-will I dont think, its just intellectual laziness to frame the Paul/Johnson side of the debate stage vs. Hannitized candidates like Romney & Pawlenty as Libertarian vs. Conservative. It is, however, counter-productive to our 1st order of business which is to WIN primaries. There is no shame in being labeled Libertarian, but yo! Who are they to be calling us non-conservative?!

Post debate, Hannity is grilling Gary Johnson re: troop removal and reacts to the candidate's point about "building schools and bridges" and says "yeah thats a good point to 'fiscal conservatives like me'". Oh God, spare me.

We may need to go on the offensive, and begin pointing out that we are nothing more than true conservatives; and questioning their judgment vs. true conservative values.