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Grassroots Campaign

This is an idea that I've been throwing around my area with some RP supporters. It's very similar to what Open Carry advocates did in NH.

One of the fundamental principles of our candidate is to get government out of the peoples lives. One criticism we get is that if the government doesn't do it nobody will. People no longer understand that this gap can be filled by average citizens who care. We Ron Paul supporters also have a pretty bad reputation among hard core conservatives.

So... In my area we're currently organizing some road side clean ups. We'll be taking two RP yard signs, all wear our best RP gear, bring some literature, and go clean up some trash! Should help with our image and will certainly be more memorable to people than just a sign.

Environmental cleanups are just the beginning. We are discussing food / clothes drives, a free movie night for kids at a local theater, etc. A good way to pull over some christian conservatives to our side is to donate food or clothes to a church!

These are just some initial ideas and any suggestions are of course welcomed and encouraged.

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