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How Ron Paul should answer every debate question...

There is one thing that makes RP stand out amongst all other candidates... his track record... especially when compared to other major republican candidates, Romney, Gingrich and the like.

I would answer every question something like this...

"It doesn't matter how I answer this question. It doesn't matter how the other people in this debate answer this question. What matters is HOW DO WE VOTE. These other candidates can stand up here talking about how they want to reign in the federal government, reduce taxes, balance the budget, protect our rights, and promote family values... but how have they voted in the past??? I'll tell you how I've voted...

I've never voted for an increase in taxes.
I've never voted for an unbalanced budget.
I've never voted for taxpayer funding for abortion.
I've never voted for a restriction on gun ownership.
I've never voted for amnesty for illegals.
I've always given a portion of my budget back to the treasury... back to the people."

"These other candidates all give LIP SERVICE to free markets, liberty and sound money... but how do they really vote given the chance??"

"If you want to vote for another candidate, like Obama, who says all the right things...but does something completely different once in office... then vote for one of my competitors. If you're tired of voting for one thing and then getting something else... VOTE FOR ME."

"Even if you don't agree with my stances on some issues, at least you know what you are getting with me. At least I am telling you THE TRUTH."

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YOu have a Point

RP should answer every question the same way, just not the way you imply. RP needs to point out how every other person on stage is just a mini Obama. How they are top down authoritarians and how they despise the free markets that he loves and built America

Money talks

When I hear negatives about RP my response is always, "you don't know Ron Paul." Then I tell how I discovered RP looking for a canditate that would protect my health freedoms as I am a cancer survivor using only alternative medicine. I always tell them how he does not participate in the congressional pension program, how he returns money to the treasury from his budget etc. That is what gets them the most...Someone who give up what they could have, honestly, because of his principles. People have NO idea how many U.S. military bases there are around the world...when you tell them the numbers...their mouths drop open. Those are things that make them ask questions, show interest.

"What matters is HOW DO WE VOTE"...What matters is HOW WE SPEND THE PEOPLE'S MONEY."


Right On!!! I love that post, and you are so right, thank you, and please share that with the Campaign for Liberty. Maybe Jesse Benton will open his eyes and see what a great idea that is.
Awesome post.

Credit to RP's Constituency.

This can play a big role in convincing others. Ron Paul's supporters & friends in his own constituency can be a big help. They have been so consistent, voting and sending RP as their representative to Congress, again & again. They sought NO 'Change'. That is = When you found the right man stay with him, there is no need to test/try another. This is a very good example of voting responsibly.

Those who take interviews and make videos can help, go to RP district and get on with the job, they know him closer & better than all the other folks in texas or america. They have been very trusting therefore they can be the most convincing.

Obviously the honesty & trust factor will be highlighted.
A great majority of ordinary folks are tired of confusion, living with anxiety, seeking some stability. Hence RP.....

The Principle of the Idea is Sound

It might get tedious if that was the answer to EVERY question, but it could certainly be worked into his opening and/or closing statements.

President Ron Paul 2012

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Feeling Depressed? You're living in the past.
Who would you be without your story? —Byron Katie

When the desire to bring about a change in you is not there,
the demand to change the world is not there eit


Ron needs to compare his honesty and integrity to the other candidates to win. Just constantly talking philosophy will educate a few people, but it probably won't win the nomination or the general election. Compare Ron to any other candidate and Ron easily wins. Especially on the honesty front. Ron's honesty and integrity are unmatched and it isn't close. He has 30 YEARS worth of evidence. He needs to completely play to this aspect. The others can't compete at all. They have numerous sell-out and dishonesty evidence against them. They would have no comeback. If they tried to debate the honesty issue with Ron, they would be destroyed by a few comments about their actual record. If they don't say anything, it is like admitting that they are dishonest. Duh, WINNING!!

Emphasis on Honesty,

US-C-W, you are right on Honesty Dr.RP wins in comparison, way ahead of others. But consider how can he say it himself, it may sound like a conceited "I", this job is best left to others, his supporters, you/me/us/DP/other forums. RP can emphasize about honesty and run down the dis'honesty of other politicians, who are out to sell their souls for a bit of $$.

Great point, the records as proof, will lead to sure win.
I have only repeated most of what you have mentioned above.

Trust is an important element in the voting mind.
Vote has value, it empowers the winner.


I guess I have to disagree. Seeing him say 'oh yeah, I need the government to take care of me, I don't want to use heroin, so I need these laws' was too good!

But seriously, He is trying to educate first.


The crack-head arm wiggle and "uuuuuhhhhhlllllll" preceding it were absolutely hilarious!

It was an awesome illustration as to how folks that think they need a Nanny State are being... addicted to slavery.

I was thinking of running and

I was thinking of running and answering "USA...USA...USA..." for every question.I bet I would poll high at first and get a significant amount of votes in the end,I believe you know why.

I to think Ron should be more stern in his refutes in defense of liberty and to the usage of force.When a gross statement has been uttered he should vehemently denounce it,with interruption if necessary.Ron Paul isn't the type to be aggressive as such,but a little more wouldn't hurt.He tries to win minds,not a masculinity contest;of which the results are longer lasting.

By the way,nice post.

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I will give you a plus one on this

it is time for Ron Paul to take the gloves off.

Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must. like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it.-Thomas Paine

The R3volution requires action, not observation!!!!

It depends

Ron is the Gandhi of the 21st century. He definitely needs a KILLER campaign staff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sensible Strategy, share his load, with a secure circle, and his image as a man of Peace remains protected.
But remember some folks maybe put-off with aggressive gestures, reserve it for the nasty opposition. Let there be different strokes for different folks.
The killer campaign staff is necessary, vital for the 2012 campaign.

It depends

Ron is the Gandhi of the 21st century. He definitely needs a KILLER campaign staff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I agree...

I agree with your suggestion. He can certainly polish up his specificity in other areas as well, but the obvious difference between him and all others is his record. Who on the stage voted for the legislation that ran afoul of the constitution, and how exactly do they explain that?? And how about questioning the benefit or purpose of certain silly questions, like those on gay marriage, or (please spare me) evolution or intelligent design...ugh. His new book is so powerful, and so much of what he says in the book could perhaps be useful in the debates if languaged correctly. Hard facts, a few deadly powerful statistics, comparisons of his own record regarding specific issues as opposed to the other candidates' records...all in his inimitable, gentlemanly manner. Slice and dice with respect, truth wins.

Anything we can imagine, is possible.

Nothing comes to those who wait.

Great Post.

Ron Paul's track record is what sold me.

Me too...

Well, it wasn't just his track record... that was what caught my attention initially. It was listening to him SPEAK that really got me excited. I could tell he wasn't pandering to get my vote... he was telling me what he truly believed to be true.

Like last night with the heroin question. He didn't avoid the question... he stated what he truly believed... even if it was politically incorrect and maybe even damaging to his campaign. To me, questions like that aren't damaging... but helpful. I like to know that MY guy isn't afraid to tell the truth regardless of political expediency.