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Teen Arrested For Asking Cop About Unwarranted Raids

Teen Arrested For Asking Cop About Unwarranted Raids

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This kid is effing AMAZING!!!

If everyone did this, the police-state would crash far deeper than silver did last week. The only difference is silver will recover, but the police-state would be buried.


Was the kid who won one of Alex Jone's poster hanging contests

Cop in video

This guy is in charge of police dogs?

Those poor dogs :(, someone should follow him and tape him when he is with the dogs. He looks like the type that use to take lunch money from other students in the schoolyard imo.



It is in fact illegal to videotape police in public places under certain situations. These are laws that certainly need to be changed.


this kid's parents needs to own this police department.

Thank goodness this kid knows his rights. I will be calling them.

While I applaud his efforts,

While I applaud his efforts, I hear this a lot, they didn't read me my rights. They don't have to, and it is not illegal, however; should they obtain information from you without reading you your rights they just can't use it in a court of law against you.

He shouldn't have answered any questions at all, but he did, at that point his marinda rights became pointless unless he states that he wishes to remain silent.

Ignorance of the law is no excuse, we must all be educated on the law if we are to protect ourselves.

They were just trying to scare him...

What they did was illegal, arresting a juvenile without contacting their parents is completely out of line.

Yes that was Illegal, not

Yes that was Illegal, not reading miranda rights was not!

I do not believe police officers are hired to be

the Bogeyman, and what this officer did was against the law by not contacting his parents since he was a minor, not only that this CHILD was not committing a crime, so there is an illegal arrest of a minor that this officer should have to own up to in court, and I hope the parents don't let this slide.