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Our battle is at theblaze.com

I know it's Beck's site, but they are all crying over there that Allen West isn't running. There are actually plenty of Paul supporters over there. I think this is our battleground right now. If we can make a difference at educating the morons over there whining about Allen West not running, we have a much better shot at getting the other candidates exposed and to show how many Dr. Paul supporters actually exist. Go take a look at you'll see what I mean. Many like Ron and are on the fence about certain issues. Hell, even Glenn calls himself a libertarian and unlike Redstate, you won't get banned for speaking your mind.

BTW, you're free to use my quote today that many liked:

Herman Cain- Godfather of Pizza

Ron Paul - Godfather of the Tea Party

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this is the thread you need to see. We're winning that debate

and it's not a totally pro-ron paul site.

It looks like more people are seeing through the RINO gameplan from the comments.


See that thread specifically.

Peace, Freedom and Prosperity. Not War, Welfare and Bankruptcy.


This is the 1st time I ever looked

at it. Kinda looks like a tabloid on the front page. The comments on the debate article are interesting to read for sure. I think people should take the time though, looks as if people over there could actually be influenced. I've been working on a couple of these GB tea party types on facebook lately, think I might be making a little progress.

Good Luck.

I troll that site from time to time. The amount of ignorance there is astounding. So many old guard of the hawks seem to reside there. It is all pro-war pro-authority it is appalling.

From time to time you see an intelligent message pop up but it seems more like a parody of a "Tea Party" site then an actual group of informed people.

you should see it today.

Many Ron Paul supporters over there, enough that I am sure some of the die-hard warmongers are concerned.

Peace, Freedom and Prosperity. Not War, Welfare and Bankruptcy.