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Great article by NPR giving kudos to Ron Paul

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Talk about mixed signals...

Talk about mixed signals... First he talks about "also-rans" and "third stringers" candidates...excusing the absence of first and second stringers, (whomever they are) for being engaged elsewhere. Then he quickly "low-lights" the evenings debate with cursory albeit accurate platform stances on water-boarding and Afghanistan occupation but does end up being meritorious to Ron Paul and Gary Johnson.
Was this writer complaining about the choice of candidates overall ...or...was he complaining about the Fox hosts who treated them, as third tier candidates? Was the goal of this poorly written article to minimize Ron Paul's politically increased viability from becoming more-so within a restricted audience or to direct readers to his choice of first string absentees to get 'highlights' in a debate? Did NPR assign a third tier writer to cover this event?

Maybe I Read a Different Article...

because I don't see anything great about calling Ron Paul an "also-ran" and a "third-stringer", and basically saying he has no chance to win the nomination.

John Nichols is a

well respected journalist. The Nation is a "progressive" magazine that I have been reading since the 1970's. Nichols has written, and The Nation has published, many fine articles on Dr. Paul. Nichols is leading a quiet campaign to bring the left over to either full support for Dr. Paul or, at the least, coalition on specific issues. This is important. There is dissatisfaction with Obama within that part of the political spectrum. Maybe Dr. Paul can win some votes, energy, and support.



I am surprised at their objectivity. Maybe they got out of the wrong side of bed that day lol


Not bad

Good to see this on NPR.

right on! great article. i

right on! great article. i just watched gary johnson speak today at the norml rally here in austin. it would be very cool to see ron paul win this thing and have gary do his "cost benefit analysis" thing for bills in the senate as vice president, and if ron paul sees it as unconstitutional, a good old fashioned veto.

This is a great article

and needs to be bumped. Sad, though, that people like Boehner are so pathetic and not even supportive.


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