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CNN Weekend Show: Barney Frank on Restructuring the Federal Reserve

Rep. Barney Frank has introduced legislation to remove members of the FOMC not chosen by elected officials.


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what a bunch of fake disagreements/agreements and propaganda. What a joke.

yes, they

are tweaking a broken system.

If Barney is fer it, I'm agin it.

If Barney is fer it, I'm agin it.

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All I can say id...


Its an OK idea but will lead

Its an OK idea but will lead to more inflation. Bill Still probably likes it.

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Hmm..."hard to swallow..."

He should know. Fwank is an outright traitor of the worst sort to this country and should be ran out of office (at a minimum).

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Hard to swallow

LoL I tried hard not to make an inappropriate joke after I heard him say that... But you're right, He should know.


Federal Reserve is a fraudulent system

Barney is clueless or in the bankers pockets.

Free includes debt-free!

Frank is corrupt

and will say whatever he thinks is to his advantage. One day he says the Fed is the problem, the next day he says it isn't. Scary that this kind of a flip flopper is one of our country's leaders.

i posted this late last night

it's worth a look. apparently frank is pro Federal Reserve.

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can't see it!

please open it up to canadians. we care! ;)

Try this!

Same happened to me so I Googled "Barney Frank on Restructuring the Federal Reserve" and this came up.

Here's the link to cnn...


Looks to me like he's attempting to switch power to suck the wealth of the poorest in society from one body politic to another.

His main premise is job creation, if elected officials have control they can better discern the fine line between inflation and job creation, because, lets face it, Government is great at creating jobs...

Anyone out there think it's a good idea?

Bastiat must be rolling in his grave!